Pippen on Rose-Isiah Similarities

Pippen on Rose-Isiah Similarities

Scottie Pippen's Tuesday column at Bulls.com disucsses what Boozer coming back will mean to the team and how impressed he's been with "how dramatic" and "quickly" Derrick Rose would "take another step forward this season" to be a serious MVP candidate.

Commenting on of whom Rose remind him, Pippen said Isiah Thomas is the closest and explained why he feels that way:

The way Rose has carried his team to a couple wins is the embodiment
of MVP. On the long road trip, Rose averaged 30.5 points, 6.5 assists
and 5.7 rebounds in the six games he played. To do that anywhere is
impressive, but to do it on the road when you are factoring in tough
opponents and back-to-back games is pretty amazing. And it all goes back
to the very beginning of the season, when on media day, Rose said he
aspired to be the MVP. Saying it is one thing, but to go out and show
that you have the tools, talent and drive to be considered as a
candidate in that discussion speaks volumes about this 22-year old.

I have been asked if Derrick reminds me of anyone in particular. The
player who comes to mind for me is another Chicago native, Isiah Thomas.
Rose plays with a different style than Thomas did, but they both have a
tremendous ability to lead and singlehandedly carry a team offensively
That's not something you traditionally see at the point guard position,
although the league has a handful of very good ones right now. But what
makes Derrick so unique is that he's not just a scorer; he's also a
willing passer, averaging over eight assists per game this season. That
kind of mentality is what makes him a great person and a player who
teammates will like all the more. Even though he has shown he's capable
of scoring 30 points on any given night, I don't think anyone has ever
looked at him as a selfish player. Derrick has managed to do it all--run
the offense with the ball in his hands, score and get his teammates

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