MJ Imposter Playing in a Bulls Uniform

MJ Imposter Playing in a Bulls Uniform

I'm not referring to Derrick Rose or Michael Jordan in the title. I'm referring to Carlos Boozer when he makes his Bulls debut. He'll be wearing a glove-like contraption, the Chicago Sun-Times reported Sunday:

When Boozer does return, he'll be wearing a protective guard on his
right hand. The device -- similar to a weightlifter's glove with padding
on the back of the hand
-- is being designed, and he hopes to receive
it when the Bulls are in Los Angeles the next few days.

Why does this "device" not sound good? Maybe, because basketball players shoot, catch and throw passes, grab rebounds, block shots, dunk with their hands.

Boozer is learning the system in a hands-on manner, participating in practices with light shooting, and could join shootarounds on gameday, K.C. Johnson reported Friday at the Chicago Tribune:

The Bulls' only remaining scheduled practices on this trip are Nov.
21-22 in Los Angeles, but it's conceivable Boozer could join game-day
shootarounds. He already is participating in non-contact portions of
practice like running through dummy offensive sets and defensive

An early- to mid-December return to game action remains likely.

Boozer says he's "starting to get a little anxious" to get back on the
court. Because he's been advised "to wait to the eight-week mark to have
full contact in practice," it'll be "a week or a week and a half"
before he can begin attempt to perform at a high level, adding:

"The weird thing about my injury is I've been able to run a lot and stay
in shape as well as I can," Boozer said. "So when I get back out there
to practice, I won't be too far behind."

About the "device":

"As long as it makes me comfortable, I'll be all right," he said.

Sounds more like, 'Whatever gets me back in the game, I'll do it."

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