Is Derrick 'Fear Me!' Rose Showing Disdain for C.J. Watson? (Video)

Is Derrick 'Fear Me!' Rose Showing Disdain for C.J. Watson? (Video)

Derrick Rose told the press, after Saturday's win over the Wizards, " I'm just trying to make people fear me."

JaVale McGee looks scared, AMIRITE?!!!

drose javale mcgee fear.jpg

He also noted the team is highly disciplined and reinforced the team's commitment to better applying Coach Tom Thibodeau's defensive scheme.

The way the Bulls beat the Wizards wasn't as impressive as the Bulls are capable of dominating a team so bad. The team wasn't focused and that was noticeable during the pre-game shootaround, Rose added.

When asked about playing against Kirk Hinrich for the first time in the regular season, Rose responded, with a smirk, "I miss him. I'll say that."

I believe the question was asked by Sam Smith, who clowned by asking if the game was difficult with "Hinrich taunting" Rose. Whether Rose hadn't regained his composure from that question making him smile or the smirk was masking a more obvious reason why he misses Hinrich made me wonder.

You know? Like it's less about missing 'Hinrich qua Hinrich' and more about distaste with the alternative, who's currently the backup PG? Hmm...

All of that said, and as much as C.J. Watson makes my blood boil, there's no argument that trading Hinrich was the right move and players understand the salary cap issues with keeping him. I'm not suggesting Rose is bitter about that trade, but it seems that he's the president of the C.J. Watson fan club, if you know what I mean.


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