How Noah Left His Box-Out Against Duncan

How Noah Left His Box-Out Against Duncan

Sebastian Pruiti broke down an example of Joakim Noah leaving his box out positioning early on a crucial free throw miss to use his athleticism to neutralize Tim Duncan's power on the boards, in the Bulls' loss Wednesday evening in San Antonio.

This actually happened the entire second half on the offensive glass.

Noah's high energy, RAHRAHIASLPODEONEVERYPLAYWAAAAHHHHHH!!!! has a negative that was exploited by Duncan. The advantage Duncan had on Noah wasn't exploding at loose balls, but constantly being in better position to grab those loose balls; more importantly, holding that position.

On the flip side, Noah's only answer for Duncan's strength and positioning, for the most part, was aggressiveness. And only over-aggressiveness would come close to neutralizing that because Noah just isn't at the same level of basketball I.Q., strength, and body control. Duncan simply exploited that and beat Noah.


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