Catch n' Shoot: November 24, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: November 24, 2010
  • Why is KG sniffing Shaq?:

    "Shaq is like paradise, man," he said. "You ever wash your sheets and
    then go outside and hang them out, and the sun dries them? You ever
    smell the sheets?

    "That's what Shaq is, Shaq is like," Garnett said before breathing in
    deeply, like he was inhaling fresh air. "I don't want to give any
    products any tags right now, but you know what I'm saying. For anybody
    who's ever hung out clothes, they know what I mean."

  • When Josh McRoberts can do this to you, you were probably down by as many as 34 in the game (h/t: Basketbawful):
    mcroberts varejao poster.jpg

    varejao's making a lot of money. lol cavs.

    The Clown College Cavaliers (5-8) are who we thought they were, losing to Indy (7-6), 100-89, only because the Cavs found 33 in the fourth. The Cavs went 7-for-31 on their long twos. Indy's half-a-game back of the Bulls in the Central. (Box Score)

  • Andre Miller's "old player skills" keep him being good at basketball.
  • Dirk scored 42 of the Mavs' (9-4) 88 points and grabbed 12 of their
    42 boards, but unlike Friday, they won. Why? They played the Pisspots
    (5-9). Charlie Villaneuva had five fouls and a turnover, shooting only
    1-for-6, in 18 minutes. I didn't watch the game, but I'm assuming Dirk
    shooting 13-for-16 at the FT line was related to that line.(Box Score)
  • For some reason I watched the the Bobcats and Bricks before the
    Bulls-Lakers and it was more like a game of hot potato at the amputee
    ward of the V.A. than a basketball game. 58 points off of 39 turnovers
    in this skidmark of a pickup game. Toney Douglas hit five threes for an
    NY team-high 22 and carried them to an eFG% of 58.9% against a very
    tough defense. This was one of those bad basketball games that was a
    blast to watch. (Box Score) ... OK, troof statement: I watched this game because I have a ballcrushes on Gerald Wallace and Wilson Chandler.
  • The ATL's lost seven of their last nine. Those nine games includes
    last night's game against the Absolutely Nots of New Jersey (5-9). Hawks
    (8-7) lost, 107-101. When Jersey drops 107 against you, your $119m man
    is shooting 41% (including 22-for-66 in the last five games), and the
    Bricks are a game back of you, it might be time to prep a temporary padded wall chamber.
    The ATL led in two of the Four Factors, were virtually even in eFG%,
    but lost the FTR battle 41.3% to 14.6! How do you go 12-for-25 at the
    rim and 10-for-20 within ten feet and only get to the line for 13
    charity shots? (Box Score)
  • The 29ers (3-11) managed to go "from [a] 15-point fourth quarter lead to an overtime loss to the Wizards Generals [5-8]. Make it 3-11 on the year...1-7 on the road," Matt McHale (or Dan B.) wrote. Jrue Holiday's
    Andrew Monday's Hoover performance totaled a 3-for-12 shooting night
    with four turnovers, three fouls, getting blocked twice, and a foul on John Wall about 40 feet from the basket to send him to the line for three shots that sent the game into OT. Here's a breakdown of that Southwest commercial.

    "You better keep all sharp objects away from Doug [Collins]," D.C. Coach Flip Saunders said after the game. Dude, you're 5-8 and committed to Gilbert Arenas taking up progressively more cap space through 2014 for about $80 million that no one else would dare take. Flip needs that ATL chamber, imo. (Box Score)

    With a bit over three minutes remaining in the game, Elton Brand went
    and loss his damn mind, 'unnecessarily' plus 'excessively' putting
    Javale McGee on his ass. McGee immediately waved b-bye to Elton when he
    hit the floor:

  • The Heat waived Jerry Stackhouse to make room to sign Erick Dampier.
    He's a big boy who can block a shot or two, but has never really been
    much of a rebounder. What you have is someone who grabs four or five
    rebounds in 20-25 minutes that'll have a big nine rebound game every now
    and then in 25-30 minutes.
  • NBA players are saving up for a lockout.
  • The Darkopuppies unveiled a new alternative jersey. It's black and looks cool, I must admit.

    But, hell, I'm just gonna say it: unfortunately for the Minnie Mice, no one on their team is nearly as black as the mannequin:

    twolves black unis.jpg

    The mannequin's probably the best point guard they can find. Can it play center, too?

    They're a little more somethin' like this:

    darkopuppies gay.jpg


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