Catch n' Shoot: November 11, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: November 11, 2010
  • I'm very glad I tuned in to the Jazz (5-3) coming back again from 18 down to beat the Magic (5-2), 104-94. It was Utah's 3rd straight win after coming back to beat the Heat the previous evening in Miami.

    Terrible traveling calls were made throughout the game, mostly on Dwight Howard, so he was attributed with six turnovers. The refs seriously tried to ruin what was a great game. Deron Williams started off terrible, but took over the game in the second half, where the Jazz scored 69. Williams finished the contest with a 30-14 double-double, hitting three big 3ptrs of his seven attempts. The Jazz never stopped attacked Howard, who was limited to 33 minutes due to foul trouble. Their excellent zone defense in the fourth challenged Orlando to hit threes without Howard in the paint to rebound and that seemed to be the difference. (Box Score)

[Props to The Utah Jazz Blog for the video.]

  • Not all of basketball is zero-sum. Just ask the Celtics. Their defense isn't any worse without Tom Thibodeau on the bench (h/t: Neil Payne). Shows how great Doc Rivers and that roster really is, though -- that they fully consumed the system. It's very early and the Bulls haven't improved much defensively, in the generic sense, but the numbers are tainted by the turnovers Bulls players are committing that are leading to easy buckets for opponents. This is a result of Thibs attempting to purge the old system and get a roster of players unfamiliar with each other to play big boy basketball by varying the pace more.
  • John Wall didn't just get his first career triple-double (19pts, 13ast, 10rbs) in the Wizards' (2-4) 98-91 win over the Rockets (1-6), Wednesday. He also had six steals. Yao Ming left Wednesday game with a strained tendon in his leg and is "questionable" to return. Luis Scola and Kevin Martin combined for 55, but Al Thornton, Andray Blatche, and Wall combined for 59. (Box Score)
  • "The idea is that Bosh will earn his money in non-traditional ways, by
    taking some of the scoring burden from Wade as Wade ages, and by simply
    being much better than an opponent's third option," Zach Lowe wrote on the Bosh Bashing that's heated up (Get it? 'HEATed up'?) the NBA conversation, this week.
  • The biggest over- and under-achievers so far in 2010-11.
  • Steve Nash asked his Facebook followers what they thought about his name in trade talks... Wait, what? Those rumors have seemed like bored writers trying to be interesting where they've come up. That said, "trading Nash makes sense in some ways," Zach Lowe wrote, but "it would be very complicated."

    His coach, Alvin Gentry responded to the rumors, "If he's getting traded, I'm going along with him, OK? Have you looked at
    the way he's playing? He's playing at a real high level. Why would we
    trade him? I don't understand that. That's nothing that's been discussed
    here. It's not going to happen. Or at least all those guys out there on
    the coaching staff are going to make sure that it doesn't happen and I
    don't think Lon (Babby) and Lance (Blanks) are going to let it happen."

  • The Hornets are shopping Peja Stojakovic and his expiring contract to the 76ers for Andre Iguodala, Chris Broussard reported at ESPN. Broussard adds that interest in Peja won't hit the level to get what the Hornets want in return until teams see they're out of the playoff race. Names to look for, he wrote, are Gerald Wallace, Rip Hamilton, and Kevin Martin. A key point is that the Hornets are a bit more than Peja's salary over the cap so letting his contract expire is a total loss; it's not like they can just wait it out and re-spend that money in the off-season without exemption loopholes.
  • Monta Ellis returned to the GSW lineup in New York, where the Warriors (6-2) beat the Knicks (3-5), 122-117, in David Lee's (28-10 double-double) return to the MSG. As expected, no defense in this game of 108 possessions. The box score's a little silly, but it should be noted that the Knicks turned the ball over 21 times against a team that isn't strong down low. GSW plays the Bulls tonight. They won't dominate the boards, but they depend on turnovers for fast, easy baskets, and could turn the tables. But it is their fourth game in five days on the road.
  • Shaq might return to the Celtics rotation against the Heat, Thursday. He's been resting a bruised right knee and pains have cropped up in his shin.
  • Remember when Gilbert Arenas faked an injury to sit that pre-season game, saying he wanted another guy to get some minutes. Well, he confessed that he faked his motivation, as well. He sat because he was "really scared of getting booed." He also revealed that he once took a shit (well, I guess he really left the shit) in teammate Andray Blatche's shoe, whining that "nobody is going to ask what Andray did to deserve it." Seriously, WTF, bro?! Here's Gil explanation.

    At least, Shaq's poo prank was simulated to some degree. Still, boys are gross.

  • Richard Jefferson's 22pts made the third 20+ performance in his last
    four games, Wednesday, to help the Spurs beat the Clippers, 107-95.
    Overall, a slow game where RJ, Tony Parker (21pts, 9ast), and Manu
    Ginobili (22pts on 6-for-9, 3-for-5 form 3pt range) just did whatever
    they wanted -- even with a limited 22 minutes from Tim Duncan, who had
    "flu-like symptoms" -- with Baron Davis, Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman not
    playing for the Del Negros. The Spurs have beaten the Clips 18 straight
    times. (Box Score)
  • Bucks (4-5) beat the Hawks (6-3) in Atlanta, 108-91. Atlanta's lost
    three straight after winning their first six. Corey Maggette sinned
    against Scott Skiles by scoring 20, but it was on only eight shots, so
    he probably didn't get yelled. The Hawks really got pulverized, as the
    final score doesn't reflect a lot of late fouling, but the Bucks resting
    starters that allowed Atlants to outscore them, 32-20, in the fourth
    quarter. (Box Score)
  • The Mavs (5-2) slowed down the dangerous Grizzlies' (4-5) lineup to a
    90 possession game, winning 106-91. At what point to we call the Mavs'
    defense dangerous? (Box Score)
  • Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook performed the two-man wrecking
    crew act needed for that team to be a force in the league. The Thunder
    beat the 76ers in Philly,109-103, behind the two scoring 31 each.
    Westbrook added 12ast and KD was 16-for-16 from the FT line in the close
    contest where Andre Iguodala didn't play. (Box Score)
  • Gerald Wallace had a 19-12 double-double in the Bobcats' (2-6)
    101-96 win in Toronto (1-7). The epic battle between the 1-6 clubs saw
    six Bobcats score in double figures in a slow Larry Brown-esque 93
    possession game. Tyrus Thomas scored 12 of his 14 in the fourth quarter. (Box Score)
  • The Absolutely Nots of New Jersey (3-5) got revenge on the Clown College Cavs (4-4) in Cleveland, 95-87.
    Other than the Cavs no longer being alone at the top of the Central, I
    refuse to have anything else to say about these two crap teams. I
    declare: the city of Cleveland needs to grow up or move. The self-victimizing act has gone from cute to annoying.
  • Michael Beasley dominated the Queens (3-4) to score 42 in the Darkopuppies' (2-7) 98-89 win in the KJ Land. Manna From Heaven almost eclipsed his season-high, scoring 9pts on 4-for-12 shooting, that actually brought his FG% up to 29% on the season. (Box Score)
  • Satnam Singh Bhamara is a seven-foot, 250 lb. Punjabi from India,
    who came to the states for the first time, six weeks ago, to train at
    the IMG Academy for three months. He's raw and just started learning to
    play basketball. He could become the first Indian national to play in
    the NBA, voices are whispering. He's 14 years old.
    I hate the culture of stalking child athletes, but as an Indian, I feel
    this boy's name should be in my Google Reader. I'll report any alerts I
  • I'd wish everyone a happy Veterans Day, but nationalism disgusts me like all other voodoo religions.

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