Catch n' Shoot: November 10, 2010

Catch n' Shoot: November 10, 2010
  • Less than one second left in a two point or less game. The question most frequently is who gets the ball, but the better question is: why don't coaches call the 2-3 zone to defend against the obvious lob play, which is completely dependent on screens to offset pressure? In their 116-114 OT win against the Heat (5-3), the Jazz (4-3) did just that and shut 'em down.

    Utah's comeback behind Paul Millsap's career-high 46 (that included an offensive rebound and bucket to send the game to OT) and 3ptrs with 12.1 and 4.3 seconds remaining nullified a 22-point deficit.

    LeBron had a 20-14-11 triple-double (29th of his career), but there was something cheap about it, as if he was crashing the boards to make up for how soft Bosh was playing and trying not to pass the ball to guys who could create a shot, but toward situations where or guys who could be relied on to not put the ball on the floor. D-Wade scored 39, including 12-for-16 from the FT line and 3-for-5 from 3pt range. If you can catch the replay of this one, it's one of the more entertaining and well-played games you'll see in the first month or two of the season. (Box Score)

  • The Darkopuppies got season-high 10pts -- shooting almost double his season rate coming into the game at 45% -- out of their Manna From Heaven, Kevin Love grabbed a carrer-high 24rbs to go with his 23pts. They out-rebounded their opponents, 54-42.

    Did I mention their opponents were the undefeated-through-seven, back-to-back champion Imperial Lakers? Did I mention the Puppies turned the ball over 27 times in 100 possessions and only shot 38% from the field? Yeah, the Lakers (8-0) beat the Darkopups (1-7), 99-94, fool! That said, Derek Fisher was pissed at the 'irresponsible, reckless, disrespectful, complacent, arrogant,' way his team played. Phil-Jack basically called Kobe's performance selfish and immature without using those exact words. (Box Score)

  • CP3 and the Bebop Ensemble (7-0) is still undefeated after their 7th game, beating the Clippers (1-7), 101-82. The Clips never scored more than 23 in a quarter against what's been a suffocating New Orleans defense. CP3 had 13pts, 8ast, and 3stls. The Del Negros turned the ball over 25 times in only 93 possessions, a rate of almost 27 per 100. Baron Davis played 10 useless minutes off the bench. (Box Score)

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