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Is it really a fight to the death?

Is it really a fight to the death?
The more I’ve been looking at ads and such for diabetes, the more I’ve looked at the words that are used when talking about the disease/disorder. Some people call it an uphill battle. Ok, I’ll give you that. Others say that it’s a fight? Nah, that one doesn’t really apply to me. But my question... Read more »

I let NUMBERS control my life.

I let NUMBERS control my life.
Wake up and go to the bathroom. Step on the scale. Go to the kitchen to check blood sugar. Make sure pump is working right and take insulin if needed. Look at clock. Jump into shower. Look at clock again. Get dressed. Go to car. Turn on the radio. Drive to work. Look at clock.... Read more »

Type 1 Diabetes Lounge

Smokey. Black berets. Martinis. Smooth jazz. Table tapping, fingers snapping, cool, hip, beatnik! Welcome to the Type 1 Diabetes Lounge… at the Wilmette Public Library. Ok, so no, there was no smoke, martinis, jazz or table tapping, although that still comes to mind everytime I think of “lounge.” No, this lounge was in the basement... Read more »
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    As a person with Type 1 diabetes for the last 20 years of her life, Christina or "Kiki" for short, decided to take it upon herself to write about her findings, experiences and struggles with her disease. Her inspiration to educate people about all types of diabetes can be found communicated in this blog.

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