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Critical thinking helps Diabetes management. Trust me.

Critical thinking helps Diabetes management. Trust me.
I know, I know, it’s been a while. So sue me. I’m not the leading blogger in terms of hits on this site, so why should I care, right? Ha! Bad attitude! I’ve been really busy recently especially with planning a diabetes fundraiser on October 1! More to come on that later. Anyway, I’ve gone... Read more »

The Burn Out

The Burn Out
When you do something for too long or you try to keep something up over an extended period of time, there’s nothing like taking a step back and relaxing once in a while, right? We’ve all done it, trying to diet, exericse or just be nice to people. Ok, I digress. But many times people... Read more »

It's so freakin' hot!

It's so freakin' hot!
It’s cooled off in Chicago, thank God. It also caused a downpour, which I don’t mind. I like rain as long as I’m not caught in it. How many times have you turned on the television during this heat wave and have heard, “Please remember to keep your children hydrated and remember to check on... Read more »

I let NUMBERS control my life.

I let NUMBERS control my life.
Wake up and go to the bathroom. Step on the scale. Go to the kitchen to check blood sugar. Make sure pump is working right and take insulin if needed. Look at clock. Jump into shower. Look at clock again. Get dressed. Go to car. Turn on the radio. Drive to work. Look at clock.... Read more »

Representation in the Media

Anyone else feel like Diabetes isn’t represented correctly in the mainstream media? I’ve had this discussion with a list serve of diabetics I’m a part of nation wide, and we’ve felt that there is always a weird skew on articles or portrayals of diabetics.  Here’s a story on a cyclist from the LA Times. The story... Read more »
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    As a person with Type 1 diabetes for the last 20 years of her life, Christina or "Kiki" for short, decided to take it upon herself to write about her findings, experiences and struggles with her disease. Her inspiration to educate people about all types of diabetes can be found communicated in this blog.

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