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Always plugged in #FirstWorldProblems

Always plugged in #FirstWorldProblems
So I have a hard time sleeping. For those of you who have followed my blog before, or even read a few, you’ll know that I have had a continuous glucose monitoring sensor (CGMS) for a few months now. It looks like a little shell and is taped to my side, usually away from my... Read more »

Jerry the Bear and other diabetic news

Jerry the Bear and other diabetic news
Jerry the Bear has diabetes. He needs your help to maintain his blood sugar and be injected with insulin when he eats food, like chicken and fish. He has cool sites to inject his insulin and has a lot of friends who wish they had met him years earlier. The bear was created by Hannah... Read more »
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    As a person with Type 1 diabetes for the last 20 years of her life, Christina or "Kiki" for short, decided to take it upon herself to write about her findings, experiences and struggles with her disease. Her inspiration to educate people about all types of diabetes can be found communicated in this blog.

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