How to be involved in #WhereThePumpAreYou?

How to be involved in #WhereThePumpAreYou?

When we created this, I immediately thought of the move "Up in the Air." You'll understand why in a second.

Yesterday, I sat with some pretty insightful media folks on a committee to help the American Diabetes Association's Chicago chapter launch its social media campaign for the Expo in April. If you don't know, the Expo is a big diabetes fair (for lack of better terms) where various sponsors, health enthusiasts and individuals in the health field come together to help common people like you and me learn more about how to live healthily with diabetes.

It's actually a pretty outstanding event that brought out over 8,000 people to McCormick Place last year.  This event is free and calls for a pre-registration.


#WhereThePumpAreYou? My pump and I at The Score radio station in Chicago

Our social media committee was brainstorming about different ways to engage the community and I thought, Why not involve Instagram or just photos in general? Then I came up with the idea of taking pictures of your pump in different locations. Kind of like, "Up in the Air." If you haven't seen it, there's a story line that involves George Clooney taking a cardboard cut out of his sister and her fiancee with him as he travels and takes pictures of them in different locations. This is the same thing.

I cannot claim the credit for naming this little game. Mitch Rosen, program director for The Score radio sports radio station here in Chicago, actually came up with the name #WhereThePumpAreYou. Genius!

So what do you do and how can you be a part of this little game?

As you know, hashtags don't work on Facebook. After the memes and posts people have been putting up, I guess they don't realize that our different accounts are tied to Facebook. Anyway, when you take a picture, whether on Instagram or a Twitter photo, hashtag it with #WhereThePumpAreYou and then answer the question. You can be in the photo if you care to be, but your PUMP definitely has to be in it.

I want to see how many people I can get to do this. I think it'll be fun and interesting. Please mention me when you do it, too! I'm @Kikisbetes on Twitter. I felt like this would invite people to get involved and also build community! If you go to Expo, please look for me and we can take a few photos together! :)

At then end, we're going to make one big collage of these photos. Click on the icon below to find me on Instagram.


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