Bilingual Blog | Google Hangout for the pancreatically challenged & amigos!

Bilingual Blog | Google Hangout for the pancreatically challenged & amigos!

Hola a todos!

So, en vez de solamente contestar las preguntas que unos amigos me hicieron sobre Facebook, I'm going to host a Google Hangout para hablar sobre las respuestas que tengo.

That's right, a chill Google Hangout from the comfort of your own home will take place next Thursday, a las 8 p.m. CDT. Quiero que nos acompañan gente con diabetes, y también los que tengan preguntas sobre la enfermedad.

Add me to your circles or find me on Google. ¡Encuéntrame!

Before I started writing here on ChicagoNOW, I had another blog called where I was writing about a ton of different topics. If you want, please check that out and see if you want me to elaborate on anything that you found intriguing or interesting there. Desafortunadamente, ese blog solo se encuentra en Inglés. Sorry!

En el Google Hangout, quiero hablar de todo sobre la diabetes. Tengo una amiga quien tiene diabetes Tipo 2 que nos va acompañar y también puede contestar preguntas. My friend, Bea and I are hosting a radio show on Aug. 7 at DSMA Live, pero en Español. We speak in Spanish about issues that Latinos face with diabetes. I hope that you will tune in and maybe that will spark some conversation for the Google Hangout.

The Hangout will be posted publicly and will be recorded so I can re-post afterward. It will stream live on my blog, on my YouTube account and on Google+, so if you are connected to me in any of those ways, there is a chance you will see it! Quiero que todos nos ven y querrán participar en el siguiente Google Hangout que hacemos.

I look forward to speaking with people about this. If you want to be invited into the Google Hangout, please leave a comment or message me via Google+. I will also be watching my Twitter feed (@Kikisbetes) for any questions you may have about diabetes but don't want to ask in the Hangout.

Muchísimas gracias! Espero a ver todos u oir de todos el próximo jueves! Si tienen preguntas antes del Hangout, porfavor, ¡pregúntame! Me pueden encontrar sobre Google Plus, Twitter o por dejar un comentario aquí.

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    As a person with Type 1 diabetes for the last 20 years of her life, Christina or "Kiki" for short, decided to take it upon herself to write about her findings, experiences and struggles with her disease. Her inspiration to educate people about all types of diabetes can be found communicated in this blog.

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