Getting felt up by airport security

Getting felt up by airport security

I have to thank my pump for this one. It's the most action to or from a vacation/business destination that one could get just because you have a little beeper-like contraption attached to your side.

When I was en route to San Diego, my friends and I went through O'Hare. There, my pump wasn't a problem. They did what I was used to: having my hands wiped down and sampled for any residue from a potential bomb in my pocket. Rock on. Super quick, no hassle, yet, I still had to get pulled over. It's fine, I say to myself. They're doing what they need to do.

It was coming back from Los Angeles that my friends pointed out the invasive situation of having a pump. I walked through the metal detector and it beeped. I might have had something in my pockets, but they didn't ask. They automatically pulled me over and asked for an agent to come and pat me down. And pat me down she did. My friends looked on with slanted, cock-eyed looks while I had a blatantly annoyed look on my face.

"Dude, that was so invasive," said Wendy. I thought about it. At O'Hare, they didn't do that. I was used to having my hands and pump checked and this might have been the second time that I was pat down.

I know I'm not the first person to write about this. I mean, I'm probably the 2,000th person to put out a blog about it but this is an issue that should be addressed. I know it was a big commotion when pumps became more common, but you would think the TSA would somehow get over it or figure out an easier way of dealing with people of our kind. I shouldn't necessarily have to be stopped every time I travel because I am taking care of myself. The insulin pump is a necessity for people like me; people with diabetes.

Regardless, the TSA agents are usually very nice about pat downs. They explain what they're doing and ask whether or not you want to be put in a private room. No privacy for me. Why? If people want to wonder what I did wrong, I'm going to be the first to say, "Nothing. I just have diabetes."

I had a conversation on Twitter with a fellow PWD (person with diabetes) who wrote about the same situation and we both agree that dealing with things like this is really no big deal. Not really, at least, when you get used to it. And why should I have to get used to it? It's not my fault I have this disease. Oh the mental conflict!

We can become upset over it or brush it off, right? In the end, we brush it off because we have to. If you went through life thinking about how everything was unfair because you had diabetes and the majority of the population didn't, well then, we'd be in a real bind, now wouldn't we? There are particular things you can't get upset over anymore. But there are simple things that people can attend to and pay attention to in order to make life a little easier.

So the next time you're in a rush to get through security and something like this happens in front of you, be a little more understanding. We get it all the time. Feel lucky you don't have to.


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  • written by a pilot there's some good info here that supports your viewpoint

  • Funny!!! :)

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    This repeated abuse of diabetics by TSA has got to stop. Last month they molested and terrorized a 10 year old boy in Chicago who was wearing an insulin pump.

    TSA is an arrogant and abusive agency that does nothing to improve security and only adds to the already high level of misery in air travel. Just last month a TSA screener was convicted for smuggling drugs through security and four more this week in LAX. Another four were arrested in the past year and are awaiting trial. These drugs could have as easily been bombs and for all of TSA's groping of children and strip searches of grandmothers wouldn't have stopped an attack.

    There were a total of 91 TSA workers arrested in the last 16 months. This included 12 arrested for child sex crimes, over twenty for theft from bags and even one for murder. There were five reports of TSA screeners harassing and sexually assaulting travelers last week including three children, an elderly couple they molested and robbed them of $300 in Detroit and groping a Congressman twice in one week. How many incidents need to occur before people get the fact that this agency is broken?

    TSA has done more damage to our liberty, way of life and morality than Al Qaeda could have ever hoped to do. Every time someone defends this sick agency they hand another victory to the terrorists. Bin laden would be so happy.

    It is sad that America has become a nation of sheep and cowards that will sacrifice their rights and basic humanity in exchange for a false promise of security.

  • TSA is coming to bus and commuter and even roadways near you. The beast needs to keep on feeding to stay alive.

    This is what we get when we trade security for freedom, and when you can not look for the most likely suspects.

    Relax and enjoy the TSA rape, sanctioned by the most understanding, freedom loving, progressive and caring President in the history of this country and any other -- Barack Obama.

  • Sometimes, that's all the sex some people actually have. Don't fight it. Close your eyes and imagine it's your significant other.

  • Barak obamama is potus

    he has CHOSEN not to change it

  • Neither diabetics nor anyone else should have to "deal" with TSA molestation. The way they aggressively touch people is out of line. If a terrorist wants to attack, they will do it. Why do people think the TSA is protecting the citizens of the U.S.A when it is blatantly hurting the citizens of the U.S.A.?

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