Know your limits

Know your limits

A friend of mine suggested this blog. It's only because he's seen it happen within the Latino community a lot. But I've seen it everywhere: Knowing and not knowing about limitations.

Limiting your intake on particular foods does not mean you have to get rid of it completely. It means, limit. Limitado. Only eat three cookies instead of 12. Or have two Cokes a day instead of five. Eat oranges instead of drinking orange juice. There are different ways to interpret this situation, but most of the times, we tend to take this to extremes.

I think it's also the fact that because we hear, "you should really consider cutting it, for the most part, out of your diet," that you tend to try and get rid of it completely. But it's not necessarily so bad that you can't moderate what you're eating. I know I've written about this before but bear with me here because it's important for a healthy diet and not just if you're diabetic.

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with a disease and I found myself telling her, the more you know about the particular disease, the better you'll feel because you'll actually understand what's going on in your body instead of guessing what to do better and figuring it out all wrong. Education is the name of the game.

Here we go now. Let's say that you're looking to be healthier in your every day eating habits. This is one thing that most people offered up as a New Year's resolution and never followed through with, I bet. One thing you can do is substitute. You like eating chips after dinner while sitting on the couch? Eat baby carrots first, then eat some chips. You'll be fuller faster and probably more satiated.

Need something sweet? Lay off the candy and have an apple with peanut butter. Or better yet, a piece of multi-grain or whole wheat toast with peanut butter and slice up a banana on top. Yummy and sweet!

The issue is this, you get addicted to carbohydrates and to processed sugar. So what you have to do is ween yourself off of either one, slowly. Allow yourself that piece of candy, but don't over do it. The thing with many people is that they don't know how to limit themselves.

I suggest taking yourself off of the sugar intake slowly. There are proper ways to limit everything, you have to know how to do it. Stop putting so much sugar in your coffee. Limit yourself to two teaspoons.

Eat a salad before you eat dinner. Not only does it help you fill up fast, but it'll also help in digesting you food!

There are many tactics, but know your limits! FYI: The best thing you can do before eating anything, and I mean anything, is reading the food label and understanding what a serving size of that particular food is. Just because it says 200 calories, doesn't mean it's for the whole box of cookies! Typical serving sizes are about half or a quarter of what you're probably eating.

If you read the label, bravo! You're stepping in the right direction.

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