If only people worked on their health as much as they work on beating down stereotypes.

If only people worked on their health as much as they work on beating down stereotypes.

Can we just take a second to laugh?

That last blog and all the attention I got for it, was a fluke. I mean, FINALLY someone paid attention to something we, as a community, keep saying over and over and over again but it was on my diabetes blog. Like, what? A Facebook friend of mine posted the photo and asked someone to write about it. I made a comment about tying it in to my blog and moderator of the ChicagoNOW bloggers, Jimmy Greenfield, gave me the green light to skew away from diabetes for a day. Ok, fine then.

I'm a veteran when it comes to writing about angry Latino issues. I started when I was in college and it progressed from there on to various blogs and mediums. Toward the end of the work day, Pamela Jones from Chicago's CBS channel 2 news called and said she wants to do a story on this. Great I thought, this is pretty awesome. So check out the story. I was on TV and everything.

Anyway, like I said, this whole thing was a fluke. I still write about issues like this, but not here; not on this site. This blog is dedicated to diabetes and the millions of people world-wide who suffer from complications and whatnot, due to lack of education about their bodily functions! That's what this blog is about. I'm Latina and did you know we're being hit REALLY, REALLY hard by diabetes right now? And on top of that, you always have to wonder, what is it about Latinos that don't want to take care of themselves? They'd rather drink the Coke, eat the pastel and load up on sugar than go for a damn walk around the block. Seriously, people. There's a bigger issue here that we have to address.

But the one moment you see little Pedrito being our stereotype out there, people are up in arms! What about your health?! If people got this pissed off about the affects diabetes is taking on our community, Latinos wouldn't have it half as bad. We would probably have a cure for it by now. We have to fight for our rights as humans and people, right? How are you supposed to do that if you're blind and losing limbs because you didn't take care of your diabetes?

In order to be Rebeldes, in order to go out and fight, you have to realize that fighting for yourself HEALTH WISE is the greatest form of rebellion you can take on. You as a person, will be stronger. You will be able to do more, live a longer life, see your son get married, watch your grandchildren grow up and see your daughter change the world. If you focus on yourself and your health AND the health of those in your family who suffer from this and are on kidney dialysis, your mark on the world will be much greater than commenting on a blog about a stereotype. You come first. You need You to keep going, to survive and make your mark on the world. Don't neglect your health. It's the worse thing you can do for you.

Think of it this way: Because I am Latina and I tell people that I have diabetes, they think it's Type 2. No joke. "How? If you're not fat!" "How? If you're so young!" That's the beginning of a stereotype right there but since it doesn't affect everyone, no one is going to do anything about it, right? If you think that one day soon diabetes and Latinos will come together and be something of a stereotype, you're too late. I don't know why people haven't realized that it ALREADY IS. And the community that it affects is ALL people of color. Not just Latinos.

If you see yourself on the path to developing diabetes, DO something about it. Cut out the sugar. Cut out the bad food. Cut it all out so you can keep going. It's will power, it's strength, it's the DESIRE to help yourself. All of you write and market and clear up things on a political angle of Latinos. Well, friends, who are you going to help if everyone is miserable and suffering from health issues? Nadie.

In honor of Steve Jobs:

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.


Please consider donating to the Walk. All proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association. 


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    hermana, you are right. i will try to cut out the sugar in my life, but it will be hard. INKA COLA...is so dear to me.

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