Diabetic Discrimination

Diabetic Discrimination

Ever been discriminated against? For example: Someone doesn't like the way you look, so they treat you differently? Basically, when people judge you in regards to something you can't change, it's discrimination. I'm not going to be nice to you when you have a sucky attitude, let me just say that. And a lot of times, people don't change that either.

But there have been cases of discrimination and unjust situations because of diabetes. There have been people incarcerated without medication, others who were thought to be driving while intoxicated when they were really having a hypoglycemic episode and yet more people have experienced discrimination at work. Because employers feel that employees with diabetes are of a higher liability, they force them out of their positions. I've met those who've wanted to keep their medical situation a secret for fear that it would keep happening. The American Diabetes Association has a page dedicated to this problem. 

"Aren't you afraid of people finding out?" I hate to compare it but this is what AIDS patients went through when it became the epidemic of all epidemics. The number of discrimination suits is growing and will continue to grow each year as more and more people find out about diabetes and what it can do to someone's health if proper attention isn't paid to the individual with the disorder.

Discrimination comes in all forms but it's only because those who choose to do it are not informed about what diabetes is and what is happening to the body. This is why it is extremely important to educate yourself and choose to educate others about this epidemic. Take a deep breath when someone asks you a question and put it out there as information that they should know.

This should also lead you to take better care of yourself as your own personal defense mechanism. Sure, there are still going to be situations out of your control, but regardless of that, you should be watching your health and preventing anything else from happening. That way, when things do go awry, you will not be blamed, rather, you will be understood and there's nothing better than that feeling from your coworkers and employers.

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