Carbohydrates are Evil...

Carbohydrates are Evil...
Evil Rice in White

At least, I think they are. In my diet, I find that I'm very sensitive to any type of carb that is white or comes of white descent. I'm talking about rice, white bread, potatoes, yucca and anything else that is starchy.

See, with me, the problem is that I'll eat a certain amount, take the insulin for it but because of spikes, I still suffer from the symptoms of being hyperglycemic, or having your blood sugar rise to extremely high levels. I still get a headache, I get really thirsty and I can't take more insulin for fear of dropping way too much. It's a vicious cycle that I have to be mindful of.

So what have I done to help myself? I've cut out rice and most of the white things. I limit french fries (although they're so delicious), bread in general and I tend to get my carbohydrates from breads that are doubled in fiber, whole wheat or multi-grain along with natural sugars like fruit. Can't get much more natural than that!

The reason why fruit works, for me at least, is that it is processed in the body faster than processed sugars. And unlike when I eat rice or potatoes, sugar from the fruit gets treated super fast with insulin. For example, if I eat rice and take insulin my blood sugar will still be high two hours later. It takes its sweet time coming back down to normal. But with fruit, I take my insulin and it takes care of the sugar right away. Badda-bing! Badda-boom! And I don't have to worry about the next two hours.

I can't even have noodles, which is terrible because I love macaroni and cheese. LOVE it. You don't understand. I'm willing to take a night off just to eat and monitor beacuse I love it so much. I'm such a fat kid. No offense. But I used to be a fat kid, so I can say those things.

Now you can understand my my fear yesterday when I had lunch with Julio Varela, a "rebellious" friend from Boston. [By the way, Juilo's daughter is 11 and also has Type 1 diabetes, so he gets it.] We were going to have Thai food. Oh no! Noodles, sauces, deliciousness! I put the question out there, on Twitter of course, asking for advice from @diabeteswarrior, who I knew would be an excellent source. This guy, Steve Cooksey, knows his stuff when it comes to low-carb dieting.

 @diabeteswarrior:  just eat the meat! and veggies... get 'steamed' if possible. My fav oriental restaurant serves it steamed & spicy HAWT! :)

@diabeteswarrior:  I'm sure you know being a T1 but be careful of sweet sauces that are not...sweet. :( It's been years since I ate #thai = NOM!

Duh! I thought when I first saw his response. I knew that! So I ordered pepper steak in veggies and the evil white rice sat in a lump on the side. Perfect! I thought. I didn't have to touch anything I didn't want to eat.

When I went to see my endocrinologist, I told her that I try not to eat out often, even though it happens from time to time, especially if you meet with a lot of people like I do. She told me that it's harder to figure out what you're eating when you're out, which is true. But I think that as long as you can separate your food, you can try and work with what you want to eat, instead of limiting yourself SO much. In the end, revert to your childish ways and tell them you don't want any of your food touching. That should throw them for a loop!

Happy eating!




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