20 Years of Lolla and I'm covering it!

20 Years of Lolla and I'm covering it!

Lollapalooza is coming. It’s looming over us. On Facebook, on Twitter, on TWITFACE it is there! Ok, so it’s not that daunting. In fact, it’s exciting. I mean, Foo Fighters? Muse? A Perfect Circle? Coldplay? Can you ask for much more? I mean, it isn’t every day that you can catch all these great acts on one stage. Not to mention, for you Spanish speaking (or worldly) folks, you got Ximena Sarinana, Ana Tijoux and Chico Trujillo.

If you’re a music junkie, kind of like me, you have to bear the heat and weather in these situations. Last year at Bonnaroo, I lost about eight pounds because not only was it 95 degrees at 9 a.m. and humid, but I was carrying about 25 plus pounds of equipment with me. Yes, I was covering it. There’s nothing like running back and forth in the heat from media compound to the stages, plus staying up to write a story for the next day and (yes, this part is unbelievable) missing Stevie Wonder and being sung to sleep by Jay-Z, because I was too exhausted.

At Pitchfork, here in Chicago, I almost passed out because of heat exhaustion. Thank God for large bottles of free water. There is nothing like trying to run around and yawning because you feel a lack of oxygen to your brain. It’s glamour, I tell you!

But all in all, I had all my stuff with me. By stuff, you can obviously assume what I mean: Insulin, syringes, my glucose monitor, food, water and all the rest of it. I didn’t drink because well, that would be dumb. Why waste precious food space in the stomach with risking dehydration? That’s not fun. One beer and I would have probably have been on the floor. But fluids are the name of the game.

The thing is that when it comes to heat, you can never be too sure with what’s going on in your body. At all. See, when my blood sugar drops, I sweat bullets and become really uncomfortable. What happens when you’re running around in the heat? You sweat bullets and are uncomfortable. So checking blood sugar levels are a must, especially when exposed and walking back and forth all day. Yes, even walking can lower the blood sugar. Not to mention, overworking your sweat glands. Trust me; I’ll be checking the blood sugar  a lot while at Lolla this year. I’ll be trekking the mile-long musical grounds for two and a half days (I have a wedding to go to on Saturday). But nonetheless, I’ll have to be fighting my way through the crowds like the rest of them. And most likely, I’ll be carrying around equipment.

Good thing is, though, is that unlike Bonnaroo, where you have to stay on the camp grounds, here, you get to go home all deep-fried and sunburned to your nice cool bed and go to sleep, just do continue doing it all the next day. That’s another thing you have to watch out for: Sunburns. I mean, they’re nasty, uncomfortable and cause you to peel. Who likes that? But when you’re working with your skin, those with diabetes have to be extra careful. Aloe Vera gel or better yet, the goop from the actual plant will help you a great deal from one day to another. If you forget to wear sunscreen like a mindless drone, make sure you water your Aloe Vera plant at least.

I might have touched on some “duh” points, but there are a few of you who are too dumb to follow the advice. Why do I say that? Because I always see people getting carried out of the premises due to heat exhaustion, dehydration or just plain stupid drunk. And then you ask why I post such mindless tips on how to stay alive at a musical event. Oh, and if I were you, I’d take water in to Lolla. I’m pretty sure that as long as it’s sealed, you can bring in two large bottles of water (up to a liter each). Like every other large festival, there are lines out the wazzoo for water and it’s usually the people who wait until they’re at the last drop to get in line. Bad move, my friends! Bring your water in.

But as someone with diabetes, I’m telling you this as a healthy person. This is not just for people with diabetes; this is for people who are attending things like this. But last of all, have fun! There’s nothing like going to events like this. I mean, you’re fighting people to get to the front of the crowd; you get to see all your favorite bands in one weekend and you get to meet new people due to intoxication, getting trampled on or just dancing next to one another.

Stay cool, stay hydrated and long live music! See you all there!

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