Now, it's not good to perform experiments on yourself unless you adamantly watch what you're doing. For serious. Like in high school chemistry; would you leave a chemically altering experiment unattended?

So, I took on this idea of dieting to a different situation, a different level, if you will. For us diabetics, dieting is hard, exercising is harder. Well, I should specify that I mean this for Type 1 folks. See, when we exercise, our bodies work off the food we eat, while still getting insulin in whatever manner we use, so it tends to drop the blood sugar pretty low, which sucks because then we have to eat. The whole purpose of working out it trying to lose weight, right? Well, not for us.

But then I realized that if Type 2 diabetics could put their diabetes into remission, why can't Type 1 diabetics work on bettering their situation with diet, lessening the need and making it possible to lower numbers? It's possible, isn't it?

Last weekend, I started managing my food. I'm sticking to natural foods. Mostly raw unless it's meat of course. I'm eating celery, cucumber, chicken, oranges, strawberries, apples, asparagus... you know, all those good things. And I've drastically lowered my insulin intake, keeping my blood sugars low. The highest I've been in a week was 174 and that was because of my coffee. Mind you, I'm still dropping, but I'm calculating what exactly I need to do to stop that from happening and keep myself at a constant 90 range. I'm testing it all out.

Now, don't go do all this because I am. Unless you're serious about watching everything. The last thing you need to do is black out from trying to diet. It's a slow and steady process that needs a lot of care. You know that.

Realize that dieting and being diabetic are almost non-existent. But at the same time, if you can harnass yourself and eat only necessary things, I'm sure the diabetes will come under its own control and allow you to lose weight. Since I started trying this last weekend, I haven't had to bolus due to the food I have been eating. Everything is low and I keep myself up with fruit, a healthy source of sugars and carbs and vitamins and minerals. I also eat lean meats, like chicken and fish. It's all about keeping it versitile while watching blood glucose levels.

Like I said, this is somewhat of an experiment, but if you cut down the need for insulin, your body might begin to work better with lower blood sugar readings. I cut down the need a few months ago by limiting my carbohydrate intake and lowered my A1c to a 6.9. My readings have been much better on average. Now, with cutting down the need even more, my average over the past 15 days has been 124. That rocks in my book.

I just thought I'd share what it is I'm doing. I'm working hard to get that A1c down, I really am. But I'm also trying to be as careful as possible. Has anyone been super successful with a diet or meal plan and wants to share? Let me know!

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