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Curiosity Rover finds signs of life on Mars

It has been three years since NASA’s Curiosity Rover, a sophisticated vehicle designed to detect life on Mars, has launched. Currently, the Rover is still on Mars. Powered by solar panels that were added to the Rove’s design, the Curiosity Rover is a breakthrough in space exploration. When I first heard that the Rover was... Read more »

Hugh Hefner and I

As many of you may know, Hugh Hefner is a Chicago native.  He revisited his hometown for the opening of his movie, Hugh Hefner: Playboy , Activist, and Rebel. I was more than ecstatic when I received the call to interview him and award winning director, Brigitte Berman. Click on “Hugh Hefner and I” to see... Read more »

Autism in China

  Greg Bermont is a Chicago native living in China. His goal is to help children in China with Autism. As you may or may not have heard, autism in China is rarely spoken about. Greg and his Great Dane, Max, have relocated to China to help raise awareness for autism. Click on the link... Read more »

Oh, Those Vicious Pitbulls

  I am quite sure that every one has heard about the “vicious” pitbulls and what they are capable of doing. I will admit that pitbulls and other “bully” breeds can cause some serious damage and death, however, the dog alone is not responsible for that. In my career as a pet professional, I have... Read more »

Cheap Pet Food with High Quality Ingredients

Halo is a one of kind pet food. Endorsed by Ellen Degeneres and made of ingredients you can find at home, Halo provides a complete balance for your pets. Whether your pet is active or a couch potatoe, Halo will provide the essential proteins and nutrients required for your pet. Ask your local pet food retailer for Halo next time you buy food for your pet. If they don't have it, ask if they can order it.
As a pet expert and owner of five animals, I often get asked what do I feed them all and how do I afford it. I admit it isn’t easy feeding all of them considering that two of the five are cats. The other pets range from a medium lap dog to a hard working... Read more »

3 things you should do before adding a pet to your life

As a professional pet groomer and verified pet specialist, I can tell you a few things about pets that you may or may not know. Pets can be a handful. They are a great addition to any family and provide comfort, companionship, and happiness that no other can amount to. However, with all the great... Read more »

Beauty and the Beast : A Psychological Observation

On a calm, serene, evening, I was enjoying a bowl of salsa and some chips when I saw a commercial for Disney’s movie, Beauty and the Beast.  It mentioned that this movie is one of the oldest and most told story throughout time. The marketing obviously offered such great verbs as dazzling, magical, enchanting, and... Read more »

Purple Rain

I do think that the best way for people to understand each other is to go through emotions in which they can both relate to. I see people and ask them questions on subjects such as, love, hate, desire, and, pain. I never thought about using my own personal experience as a way to relate... Read more »

Dear Valentine: I hate you!

  Its that time again. Time for you men to start running around with your heads cut off seeking the biggest, most ridiculous sized, stuffed animal for that special someone. If you don’t get it, well, lets just say no soup for you. ( you know what I mean!) This is the absolute most atrocious... Read more »

Chicago's Burger Fest in Roscoe Village

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The weather may be cold and keeping you in your cozy home but, once spring hits, Chicagoans look forward to all the festivals held in Chicago. The video you are about to enjoy shows you what you are missing and if you did make this event in 2011 I am sure you will attend again... Read more »