Purple Rain

I do think that the best way for people to understand each other is to go through emotions in which they can both relate to. I see people and ask them questions on subjects such as, love, hate, desire, and, pain. I never thought about using my own personal experience as a way to relate to people. Now, I have chosen to.


A brief story of emotions that I went through:


I could not express myself as you would. I could not perform in front of a class filled with my peers. I could not be relaxed when it came to my emotions as you were when it came to yours. All i knew how to do is ask for your affection. Your touch, your laugh, your company, all those things were what I sought after.

In a world full of hate and negativity, I searched for a glimpse of happiness. Through invisible rays of communication, I found you. I rarely showed emotion to anyone but, with you, it was different. I opened up a side of me that I kept locked away in a titanium safe, chained with the strongest metal material, and submerged in the deepest ocean of my subconscious mind. I allowed you to care for me and show me what emotions are all about.


That's what you would say. You called me that a couple of times. I mad you feel things that no one else did. I made you think. I made you feel. I MADE YOU FEEL!


Another thing you would say to me. You said that I was the good kind of trouble. Then you took it back. What did make you go? Why was I left in the dark about what was going on? Why couldn't you explain to me what you were feeling as opposed to just going through the motions  like a boat at sea?


That's what I called you. You showed no sign of being brave. When up to the flames you whisked away like the air around a lit match. You gave the worst explanation as to why you could not take this emotion anymore.


You told me about how they have broken your heart. You told me about how they would take advantage of your kindness. You told me that the reason you are how you are is probably because of the cruel past you endured with loved ones.  You didn't want to be hurt. Yet, you hurt me.


The very meaning of this word is exactly what I felt. I felt it when you called to tell me what you said. I knew it was coming. I just didn't know when.

You are what you are. No one can change that. Before you decide to make an assumption that implicates me being an intense and somewhat controlling individual, re-read the words in bold. That will show you a mirror in which you can not face. You are doing what you are doing because you, my dear, are the one that is controlled. You are the one that wants control. You are the one that does not know how to handle life. You aren't alone in this struggle. There are many out there that are JUST like YOU.

One day soon, you will cross that path. You know which path I speak of. You will then have to choose which is better. This world is about that. It is all about incentive. Motive. Desire.

Your desire was clear. You are as blind as a bat and as lost as Valentine Michael Smith was when he arrived on Earth. You probably do not like that I am subjecting you to this matter but, someone has to make you see what you refuse to see. You are prone to see what lies behind your eyes as opposed to what lies in front of you.

Never compromise yourself, you are all you've got.



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