Dear Valentine: I hate you!



Its that time again. Time for you men to start running around with your heads cut off seeking the biggest, most ridiculous sized, stuffed animal for that special someone. If you don't get it, well, lets just say no soup for you. ( you know what I mean!) This is the absolute most atrocious and fake holiday ever created by man. I am not saying this because I am jaded or hurt. I am simply saying this based on observations.

Divulge with me as I break down exactly why this "holiday" ( i hate calling it that) is indeed the most pointless holiday ever.


I will discuss how this harmless day, that everyone seems to get a bitch fit about when they don't receive a gift, creates more chaos than it does love.

You see people, This day was made to torture the souls of men all over the world. Apparently, Hallmark has brainwashed our women ( and men ) into thinking that this is an important date and if you do not do anything for your partner, friend, lover, or whoever you are with, then you are deemed a heartless, cold, person.

The history of this day is simple. Some dude decided to write little notes and pass them out to a vast amount of people. (look it up, see if I'm lying to you)  So, how did this little gesture get way out of hand? If you are thinking that this holiday evolved to what it is today then you are wrong.( Christmas has been the same for hundreds of years, I'm just saying. )

Everything after the initial reason of Valentine's day was a clever plan implemented by Hallmark like companies. Disguised in chocolate and delivered with roses, their plan of attack was simple : make you spend money!


You see folks, as an economist ( in training ) I saw the big picture of everything. For those of you that do not understand money or businesses, be prepared to be shocked and pissed off.

January and February in any big business is known as the "Dead Months". I call them that but, I am not quite sure what they call them. The point is, that after Christmas, sales shoot plummet. You ever notice how dead a business is in these months? Walk into any retail store or any Target, Walmart, etc., and pay attention to the activity that is going on. (Pretty dead, isn't it? This should be a big red flag to any consumer that sees this.) I guarantee you that it is slow business. If you still don't believe me, call up independent shops in your local neighborhood and ask them what time of the year is the slowest from then. I won't say " I told you so" but, the proof is there.

So where am I driving to with this comment?

Simply put, Valentine's Day is a huge corporate scam brought upon by money hungry businesses that fear a loss in the beginning of the year. Every company dishes out products for Valentine's day from chocolate, candy, toys, plush bears, and so on, just to make ends meet. I am not saying they are wrong for doing that, after all money is important but, what I am saying is they are going about it all the wrong way.

Not only does this cruel day affect your wallet but, it takes creates a huge emotional problem as well.

People all over the world are depressed on this day because everyone else is hooking up and getting gifts. Other people are scared to give a gift because they are afraid that it would not suffice to their lover's needs.  The other 1% is not phased at all by this holiday.  ( me included)Not everyone is social and can get a date so, stop thinking " Well if they are sad then they should try to find someone. ( Christopher Columbus couldn't find India and he thought it was easy. )

So folks, Do you understand my demeanor with this day? It's not that I want to ruin it for the hopeless romantic, I simply want to educate you. Would you like it if someone was robbing you blind as I stood there and watched? ( Keep in mind I would point and laugh )


I didn't think so. If your partner doesn't understand why you decided to not get them a gift, show them this blog. Then, you can blame it all on me.


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