9 reasons why I love and hate McDonald's Restaurants

On a late night, or should I say early morning since it was three a.m., I had to really use the bathroom. In the cab, hurled over from too much drinking, I spotted a big, yellow, golden arch. After adjusting focus, one arch became four. After a few seconds and some more adjustments, the two lovely golden arches came in contrast. I asked the cabbie to pull over and wait as I used the restroom inside. I rushed out the cab and went straight to the bathroom ignoring everyone around me. There was but one task on my mind. I needed to pee so bad!



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  • McDona;ds is convenient but I can't consciously eat there

  • In reply to zkarim26:

    McDonald's is convenient. You may not be able to eat there consciously but if you are drunk, you may just eat there.

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