What NOT to do on Facebook

I love Facebook. It's the best thing to happen to humanity since sliced bread. You can connect with old friends and family members. You can promote a show or your business on facebook and share it with the world! You can connect with people from Australia, China, Mexico, and even Japan. Facebook is great for just about anything you can think of however, there are a few things that are strictly taboo.

7. Blind Friend Requesting

 This is what I call the action that some Facebook user do when they randomly start friend requesting everyone that is suggested to them. While it is ok for some people that are in the networking business such as media, publishing, music and more to do this, it is not ok for someone who is just a stranger with no business in either profession mentioned above. Some people will accept your blind request but others will consider it spam and annoying. If you are a person that request your friend's friends because you need more friends, you too fall under this category.
6. Inappropriate images

We have all seen that random image that pops up on our news feed from time to time that makes us wonder what is going on with this individual. Sometimes, we ignore the image and move on. However, there is that one moment when you wish you didn't see him/her in their undergarments. When your eyes are subjected to the horrible image on your screen, you just want to grab the nearest sharpest object and poke out your retina. Skin isn't always fun to look at especially if you are at work. Also, those gross pictures of your mouth up close or a picture of the inside of your nostrils isn't cute. If you are attempting to be a model then get the pictures done professionally. They will look much better and the photographer won't take a picture that makes you look like a hot pile of garbage in the middle of July.
5. Status Flooding

I. Hate. This. One thing that really irks me worse that a loud cell phone user on the CTA is a flooder. A flooder is someone that continuously updates their Facebook as if it were Twitter. This tells me two things. You have no life and you have nothing to do. I don't mind reading your status but, if your status is constantly in my feed, I will remove you. If you find a way to creep back on my page, I will delete you. If you try to resend a friend request after I have removed your annoying page, I will accept it, ask to hang out with you at night in a bar, and take you out back to beat you with my flooded laptop or phone. Nobody deserves the torture of reading how bored you are or what amazing trick your pet rock did.
4. Vanity

 I am guilty of this myself because at one point I had a phase were I thought I was the only person on the planet. I got lonely and smartened up,  then realized I wasn't the Bees Knees. There are some people that don't get a hint when they are kindly told to stop being a jerk and cocky. I learned my lesson and I am more humble now. I wish the people on Facebook that believe that they are the gods gift to women or men wouldn't be so arrogant. Yes, you look pretty. Yes, I like your style but, the moment you type that selfish and smug status about how you think every girl/guy wants you, you turn into poop under my shoes. I accidentally stepped in it. 
3. Excessive use of Bad Language

It was cool back when we were little snotty brats to use a curse word when trying to impress our friends. As we matured, we learned more words that are proper to use in the English language. I know that the tuna sandwich you ate from Subway upset you so much because they skimped out on the meat but that doesn't mean you have to throw in the F bomb every third word in your sentence. You should relax and take a breather. Everything will be alright. I don't like seeing bad language in a post because it means you ran out of words to use. That also means that your dictionary is lacking. I know you must sometimes use these "sentence enhancers" to make a much more valid point but try an alternative first. One more thing, the use of the N word is never ok no matter if you're black, Hispanic or a Southern Ku Klux Klan member. It's offensive and should be flagged at every use. 
2. Bad Grammar and Spelling

This goes along with the previous paragraph of excessive language but deserves its own paragraph so I can address a few things. BEFORE YOU POST ANYTHING BE SURE TO SPELL CHECK! I can not stress that last sentence anymore than what I have done with the capitalization and bold font. When I see a status written badly, i want to laugh at the person that wrote it. I want to go to the extreme of coming out their computer and smacking them with Webster's biggest dictionary. You are using the internet and you can't take the time to check your spelling on any spell check site? You must be more incompetent than George W. Bush was when he was in office. Remember to use websites that check your grammar and spelling. Nobody likes a run on sentence. If I can not understand what you wrote, I won't read it. Before you post your status think about who will be reading it. It can be that potential employer you applied for recently.
1. Unnecessary Post

Have you ever come across that one post where a woman or a man are cursing out their boss, friend, lover, boyfriend, girlfriend, mother or sibling? Well, if you haven't then your friends are all Saints. The worst thing you can do on Facebook is call someone out of their name and expect no retribution for the opposite party. The internet is an open book of basically anything you can think of and anyone can find what you post. The dumbest thing I have seen is people taking crap to each other as if they were back in grammar school. Everything I told you not to do is done when people decide to call someone a bad name or share an unsuitable story. This heats up the feeds on Facebook. Hopefully, you don't comment because you will be bombarded with so many comments from people you do not know. Go ahead and read failbook.com to see what has occurred to some dumb people that posted unnecessary things. Lastly, I do not give a damn about what religion you are, who you believe in, and what you preach. Keep all that religious stuff to yourself. I am sure that whatever god you pray to is happy you believe in him but, my god would not like it if he found out you were trying to convert me. So please, keep personal opinions and views out of Facebook or suffer the wrath of pain i will impose of thee!


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