Got Milk? Not for Dogs!

Wake up, check. Make a pot of coffee, check. Make some breakfast, check. Breast feed my dog, uhm no! Sounds odd doesn't it. The idea that a human being would breast feed a pet because they ran out of pet food isn't absurd. It actually did happen! Suzan Morgan, 32, had just put her daughter to sleep when her dog Dixie started barking. She knew this meant it was hungry. She opened up a cupboard and did not find a single tin of dog food. She said she felt like crying because she didn't know what to do. She looked in the fridge and found some bottles of breast milk. She decided to feed that to Dixie assuming that nothing bad would happen. Except the next day when Dixie jumped on her lap and Suzan had the most incredible idea! Why don't i just breast feed my dog! It's ingenious. It's marvelous! Surprisingly, its not odd.

I decided to search "women breastfeeding their pets" and I found exactly what Suzan found. She found that women all over the world do this. I know people love their pets and would do anything for them but to go to such lengths as breast feeding them is crossing the animal/human boundary. We are different from animals because we have the ability to make decisions. Suzan's decision was one that did not have to be made. A more logical and ideal decision would be to go to the SUPERMARKET!

Could she not bare the yelping of her little bugger a little bit longer so that she could go to the store? I really think this was a decision based on a fetish she may have had and not a rational decision to breastfeed a dog because food is scarce. She could have easily borrowed some dog food or like I said, walked over to the store.

 "Dixie, Tasha and I are happy, so you can think what you like, but I reckon you shouldn't knock it 'til you've tried it!"

I'm going to knock it because I can't try it nor will I encourage any woman to as well. Dogs eat dog food and babies drink breast milk. If it's not such a big deal to breastfeed a dog, let's feed a baby dog food and see how fast child protective services jumps on that.

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