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Oscars 2013 - Totally Unimpressed with the Fashion

So I spent Sunday evening glued to my television as per usual when an awards show is on. I have become obsessed with the Red Carpets more because I love the social media conversations that ensue and how I can connect from my couch to people all over the world. I was hashtaggin’ away and... Read more »

New Obsession: Heart Patterns

In honor of the Oscar’s fashions, which I am currently watching on TV, I wanted to post about a new obsession I have recently been rocking like crazy: heart patterns. It sounds a little cheesy and I am definitely not the “girly girl” type, but something about the simple shape of a tiny heart makes... Read more »

Katie, The Cliffs Notes Edition

My first post on ChicagoNow! WOO, SO excited! Please check out my past posts on Living in Black and White on my now retired WordPress site. I typically write about specific ideas, events, happenings – but for my first post on ChicagoNow, I figured I’d write a little bit about myself. So here goes: I’m... Read more »