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My first {real} dinner party

I always had this vision of myself being fresh out of an Ivy League college, living in my massive penthouse in Manhattan or LA, and hosting elaborate dinner parties set up by world renowned party planners. Well, first of all that’s a tad over the top, but I also graduated college in 2008 when like... Read more »

High Tea

My mom is the EXACT opposite of me. She’s nice, soft spoken, caring, easy-going and giving. That’s not to say that I am mean, loud, rude, hard to please and evil (ok – a few of those adjectives pretty much nail it) but we are extremely different. I am an only child (which explains a... Read more »

Moving in Thundersleet

A few months back my landlord informed my boyfriend and me that his unit across the street would be available Feb. 1. We wanted to take a look at it since we were slowly but surely growing out of our place. Between my hoarding disorder, my boyfriend’s 6’4 stature and an 8 pound dog who... Read more »