Patience is a virtue

According to some really famous Greek philosophy dudes from long long ago, there are seven heavenly virtues, which of course, oppose the seven deadly sins. I'm sure I could think of a handful more virtues that an upstanding citizen should posses and I am absolutely positive I can think of far more than seven deadly sins. 15 just came time mind in the last nano second. But out off all these traits we should and shouldn't possess, there is one that I just can't seem to get a good grasp on - patience.

  • "Stop and smell the roses"
  • "Life is a marathon, not a sprint"
  • "Slow and steady wins the race"

I cannot even begin to explain how many times I heard this phrases going up. My mom was constantly yelling at me to SLOW DOWN. I was the kid who was always spilling my milk at dinner, bumping into strangers at the mall and 9 steps ahead everyone else. To this day I hate any activity that requires any waiting period once so ever. I never realized how little patience I truly have until very recently. I get told to "walk slower" close to five times a day by my friends at work. My excuse is I like to get as much accomplished as possible, but in the process I usually end up sweaty and out of breath.

I thought this issue only really factored into how fast I physically move, but I am now realizesing this is an emotional trait I am also lacking. For instance, I have always wanted to own my own business. I have written more fully thought out business plans (down to exact dollar amount of financial investment) than any Silicon Valley entrepreneur out there. I have networked with basically everyone in this city about potential opportunities. I even earned my Master's degree with the hopes that the degree would push me over the edge to owning this business, but nothing ever happened. I am now thoroughly happy at my corporate agency job, but am slowly starting to get more and more freelance opportunities come my way.

WELL LOOK AT THAT! All it took was a little patience. I didn't have to push and push and push and walk nine million miles an hour. All I has to do was sit back, enjoy my current situation, and suddenly these great opportunities are coming my way regularly.

My yoga teacher said something last week that really made me think, she said, "Take your time with this position. You all work so hard and are always on the go, this time here on the mat is about you. Go slow." When I think of personal time I have alone, all I can think about is finishing up work, planning my weekend, cleaning my apartment, making plans - I never take time to just let life fall into place. I am learning to stop and physically smell roses...well maybe not smell roses necessarily  but enjoy the scenery of life. I may get way more accomplished than the average peson, but I am missing out on the beauty all around me. I don't take the time to let things sink in. We may only have 100 years on Earth, but 100 years is a really long time. And spending the 75 years I have left running through the motions and MAKING life happen sounds like a really annoying way to live.


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