CrossFit is a cult and I want to try the Kool-Aid

One thing I've learned as I've grown older is I have the tendency to get obsessed with things fairly easily. My mom used to have this friend that would do this religiously. One day she was obsessed with needle point, the next she had this strange female obsession with Chicago Bears paraphernalia (but could care less about the actual game), she even went as far as loving motorcycles for a few short years. We always talked about how this woman was such a Looney-Tune, but I think I have some traces of her OCD in my personality. I never jump on a fad train too hard and fast, but I do get obsessed with ideas I think will positively impact my life.

Take graduate school for example. There was no one telling me I had to get a Master's degree. In fact, I had many people tell me not to waste the money. In my field it is really experience that counts, not advanced degrees. But, once I started looking at PR/Advertising programs and got it in my head that I wanted the degree I spent every day for months applying and doing research until I was accepted at DePaul. Once accepted, I spent another two years back in the college grind of little sleep, lots of homework and trying to manage it all. I use this example because it's a perfect way to explain how my obsessions are typically never bad (I've never been like "hey, smoking cigarettes sounds like a fun new hobby to take on), but they aren't always productive.

I had a dream last week about CrossFit. There are more and more gyms opening up near my apartment and everyone I know who does CrossFit looks amazing. The fact that everyone who does CrossFit looks great and says how amazing it is makes me feel like it's a no brainer to start myself. But then you talk to the non-CrossFit community and they all say the exact same thing..."IT's A CULT."

Now, I don't know exactly what they mean by "a cult." Do they mean the other participants encourage you to show up everyday and may make you feel a little bad if you skip multiple days? Do they mean you are coached by a leader who pushes you until you're sweating bullets? Do they mean that once you start you join the community and feel like you never want to stop? Because that's what it seems like from asking around and to me, this doesn't sound like a cult, it sounds like real life "the Biggest Loser" training.

I still need to try a class out and see if it's for me. I currently couldn't do a pull up if my life depended on it and I can do about three push-ups (the boy way). I know I have it in me to work hard on fitness because it is important for so many reasons. The older you get the harder it is to just go to the gym. I really like being pushed and I want to preserve my 20 year old body for as along as I can, if not look better than I did when I as 21 (that'd be nice!). Not to mention, consistently working out is just so great for other aspects of your life. Our health is so important and so many people (including myself) take it for granted. I plan to try an intro class within the next couple of weeks and will be sure to have a full report once I make my decision. If there are any avid CrossFitters out there who have any advice, I'd love to see your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!


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