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Why The Hell Do They Call It Art?

A lot of people don’t get ‘art.’ They look at art for face value, putting little if no effort into thinking deeper about the how’s or why’s – the real meat behind the artwork. Like, how did the artist do that? or why did the artist do that? Or, hey, this was the first time this concept... Read more »

Where Does Art Stand In A Throw Away World?

Ever have one of those conversations that’s so deep, you feel like you need to rent out an entire restaurant with full staff to keep the food coming while you and your conversation team solve the world’s problems? I had one of those conversations recently, minus the restaurant. Actually it was via email, but none... Read more »
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    Alisa Steady

    Alisa Steady is a platinum blond and likes to drink coffee, and eat paint. Not on purpose, but it's been known to happen on occasion during intense painting sessions in her studio (which might answer a few lingering questions by those who know her personally). Alisa is a visual artist, and is actively building a professional art career. She is dedicated to growing Alisa Steady Art into an Empire where bold colors reign, and everyone gets the day off. An avid blogger, Alisa looks forward to contributing to ChicagoNow.

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