5 Ways to Ignite Your Passion and Live in Peace

Passion is as passion does.

Passion is the elixir of the soul. It's one of the things that heals us from our disappointments in life; it gives us connection to all that is.

That's a bold and adventurous statement. I realize that.

But I can say it precisely because I live from a place of passion. I absolutely love what I do and when I'm doing it, time stands still. I feel a sense of enlightenment and creativity when I'm doing what I love that is very clearly not there ... when I'm doing something I don't want to do.

Passion allows you to live outside of time, so to speak. When you're doing what you love you enter a space of no-time, no-body, no-thing.

I've spent the last 5 years cultivating my passion. It's not work to me, it's play.

My passion is personal and spiritual development.

I thrive on learning how to get better. I love helping myself, and others, live lives overflowing with joy and happiness.

I believe every moment has the potential to be breathtaking, when we lives from a place of passion.

But not everyone lives (or believes) this way. Many live in survival, as opposed to ease.

Doing what you love is the single best way to feel ease.

Love is easy; fear is hard.

If I told you that a man isolated in the desert for over 25 years living in a cave, with only his dog for companionship, was living in passion .... would you argue, "It's not possible!"

Before you watch a brief video about a man who did just that, allow me to share 5 ways you can find and expand your passion.

1) Play.

Find ways to play. Play is a tool for moving from sheer survival mode to creative mode. If you live a stress filled life or suddenly realize one day you spend more time worried, than easy—play. It costs you nothing. Requires no essential skills other than willingness and will be the best therapy you ever had.

Play is NOT just for kids. It's an incredibly productive activity.

2) Listen to your heart.

Did you know that the heart is more than simply a blood pumping organ? It has the highest magnetic field of any organ in the body. It's the center for compassion— for yourself and others— in your body. When you look upon yourself with compassion and grace you will be quickly lead to a place where your life's passion will be revealed.

3) Follow your intuition.

Intuition is something we all have, not just women. Intuition shows up in the form of feelings, inklings, goosebumps, knowingness, and gut feelings. Intuition is the ability to know what is right for you. If you follow your intuition it will lead you to your passion.

Excitement is another way to think about intuition. Excitement is the language of your Higher Self talking to you. Follow the trail of "little things" that excite you and you will arrive at your true purpose, with time.

4) Stop listening to others.

This should be fairly self explanatory. How can another person lead you to your passion? They can't.

In order to find your passion, your purpose, you must stop the input from others about how they think you're life should be lived and start a dialog with your TrueSelf. No one can tell you what makes you tick. If they try to, thank them politely and change the subject. It's not their place, not matter what their position in your life.

What might it sound like when someone else is trying to "help you" live your life? They'll say, "I think you should ... "

I know. They do this out of love for us, right? Maybe. Maybe not. I think it's more out of fear, than love. Fear that we might make a mistake or do something wrong. Fear never located a person's passion. It has shut down many, though. Sometimes permanently.

It's okay not to live up to someone else's expectations. Just be sure to set yours high and line up to those.

5) Start a "Things That Make My Toes Tingle" journal.

You will never be able to see everything about yourself .. unless or until ... you begin the process of self examination. Putting words down on a page is an excellent place to start finding your passion and living in peace. The words, if writing with honestly, will reflect back to you the direction in which lies your passion.

Here's the video of the man who lived passionately in a cave for over 25 years. You're jaw is about to hit the ground. It's not what you think.

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