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50 Thoughts: The Books That Stuck Around

Anyone that’s come this far into my 50-day writing challenge knows that this blog started all because of books. I can’t tell you why I started sharing my annual book list with friends via email years and years ago. Mostly, I think, it was just a way to connect with old and new friends, to... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Let It Go

And now comes the coulda woulda shoulda. I think I may have touched on my hesitancy toward regret — seems like wasted energy, right? But if I could hop in that Wayback Machine, there may be a few instances in which I would pull myself aside and offer some advice: To the high school me:... Read more »

50 Thoughts: The Best Part So Far

All these thoughts before 50 and the one thing I haven’t really talked about is the best part of my life up until now. These kids of mine. I mean, yeah, the ’80s were great and the music from that decade will forever be the soundtrack of my life. And I found myself a super... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Ready (or not) for 50

With less than a week to go, I thought I’d peek at what the Interwebs have to say about 50. Color me nonchalant. A 2016 article from Prevention details a few of things I should expect next week. (Because I will wake up Sunday , be 50, and suddenly all these things will occur.) Thankfully,... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Simplify, Simplify ... Save It

So I’m a little bit of a hoarder. Not in an “It’s time for an intervention” sense – I am not surrounded by stacks of newspapers and travel size toiletries. I just have a hard time letting things go. My cedar chest is full of the kids’ schoolwork. And their artwork overflows from my closet.... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Crazy Love (It's the Little Things)

It’s interesting these days, in the age of oversharing and social media, to see the lengths people go to profess their love. In recent years, I’ve had friends and coworkers marry, and the workout I get trying to keep my jaw from hitting the floor at the cost of weddings today is enough that I... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Life Doesn't Flash in Front of Your Eyes

It sits in a box at the Cubs game with you. It might be considered redundant to write about the power and purpose of friendship after just covering the topic yesterday, except that it’s not. If you’re lucky to have friends that span nearly the entirety of your life, time with them always offers fresh... Read more »

50 Thoughts: With a Little Help from My Friends

I was angry yesterday. Still am today. These are some tough times. Looking forward, I know the person I want to be is not the one that looks like she could kill you with a steely, cold glare. (Though I would not necessarily turn down that kind of super power if it were granted to... Read more »

50 Thoughts: Thank you, Judge Kavanaugh

Thank you, Judge Kavanaugh. I needed a reminder that as a woman, my recollection of past events is suspect, but a man’s memory is never to be questioned. That as a woman, if I drink at a party, that immediately disqualifies any statement I may make about that party, but … men like beer. That... Read more »

50 Thoughts: On Stories Never Told

I thought when I started my 50-day blog challenge, it would be really hard because, honestly, I’m a pretty open book. There’s not much I haven’t already shared my two cents about. But along the way, it seems there’s always been something to write about. Then, tonight, my blogging community leader threw out our monthly... Read more »