Mrs. Fletcher: What Lurks in Your Shadows?

Mrs. Fletcher: What Lurks in Your Shadows?

Often times, when we are at a crossroads, we find it's an opportunity to look back, to the sides and of course, forward.

So when you look, what do you see?

For Tom Perrotta's fictional MILF, Eve Fletcher, the choices are many and none, all at once. "Mrs. Fletcher" is a story that marries the depressing and hopeful parallels of mid-life in the typical, intriguing dysfunctional narrative fans of Perrotta have come to love.

Mrs. Fletcher is joined by a handful of protagonists, ranging from her college freshman son, Brendan and his ex-classmate/her current classmate Julian, to her 20-something senior center employee Amanda and ... you can read the entire review here.

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