Yep, I'm a Rules Girl

Do you think rules are made to be broken?

And if you do, what rules do you break?

That's what my blogging community moderator asked of the group this month as part of a writing exercise. "Since rules are made to be broken, write about rules you routinely break or want to break."

And this is when I discover, I'm really a rules girl at heart.

Oh, I've broken plenty. As a kid, I ate hot dogs out of the package without heating them to a respectable temperature. I probably put ketchup on them, too. I had a high school biology class that I was able to secure a decent grade out of by telling jokes as answers to test questions I didn't understand. And I'm sure I trespassed into a few places I shouldn't have in college.


I microwaved my kids' bottles. I asked the pediatrician if I could take my youngest off formula and onto milk before she was a year old. I didn't wash their newborn clothes first and I throw "hand wash only" shirts into the machine. My husband will tell you I rarely follow recipe instructions.

I even — and I can't believe I am admitting this — routinely use a street between my local hospital and the high school as a cut-through, even though there are signs that say "This is not a through street." I'm a rebel.


The book lover I am, it would be unholy for me to even think of skipping to the end of a book to see how it turns out. (I'm not saying I never have, just that I would assume I'd burn in book hell for it.) When I see people with their dogs off the leash in the park across the street, I wish I could summon the courage to tell them to go to the dog park. (I was practically apoplectic when I saw a family laughing their asses off at their golden retriever chasing mama geese away from their nests into the water. Jerkwads.) God help the person that throws trash out of their car if I am driving behind them. It takes every ounce of energy not to go crazy on them.

And for the love of everything holy, I wish people would learn how to use an apostrophe with an "s" correctly. GRAMMAR RULES.

The older I get, the more I appreciate "rules" than laws — if for no other reason than rules seem to be the thread that can cross geographical boundaries and political ideologies. "Do unto others" is a rule that works everywhere and all the time (except at Donald Trump rallies.) To practice kindness, to refrain from judgement, to work and play hard and to respect common sense are the rules I try to let guide the day-to-day. I am far from perfect in this endeavor, but life's a journey,right?

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