Book Review: It's. Nice. Outside. by Jim Kokoris

Book Review: It's. Nice. Outside. by Jim Kokoris


I'd never suggest there's a special place in the hereafter for parents of children with special needs. To parent is to parent, regardless of circumstance, and for kids that present a different set of circumstances, it really just is perspective. A child that is devastated he or she didn't get into their first choice for college is just as in need of consolation as the child that can't tolerate pulp in his or her orange juice and is having a meltdown in the middle of a Cracker Barrel.

For me, that's part of the message in Chicago area author Jim Kokoris'' latest, "It's. Nice. Outside." For while on the surface and to its core the book delves into the special bond a family has for Ethan, a young adult son with special needs severe enough to require a lifetime of supervised care, it is also about fathers and daughters and husbands and wives and consolation of heartbreak and reconciliation to commitment, both those marital and by blood.

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