Knowing Just Enough: MacGyvering the Mundane

Knowing Just Enough: MacGyvering the Mundane

"What are you good at?"

So asks the moderator of the blogging group to which, at this moment, I curse my membership in. We get asked to blog on a particular topic once a month, and more often than not, I am confounded by the question.

"Good at? Nothing in particular," me thinks. Not as a pseudo rally cry for a pity party. Just stating a fact. Pointing out the obvious. I'm a dabbler. A clearinghouse for knowing just enough about a lot of stuff, but never enough to call myself an expert. I would have been a great but completely useless sidekick for MacGyver. Full of information, almost none of it practical. For example:

  • I'm a writer and editor by trade. I can tell you with near certainty when and where to use the "apostrophe s." I know there's no such word as "its'." But ask me if it's "lays upon" or "lies upon," and I'm clicking on my AP bookmark faster than E.L. James can write "inner goddess."
  • I know not to put metal into a microwave. Yet, I can't figure out how to really use the microwave beyond the "Time Cook" button.
  • I could identify a tire iron in a tool lineup. I can't change a tire.
  • I can point out a Monet. I can't do the same for a Manet.
  • I know GMOs may not be good for you because Chipotle says so. I can't tell you without looking it up what the "O" stands for.
  • I can tell you that George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley made up the pop duo, Wham! I can't name all the members of Duran Duran outside Simon LeBon and the Taylor boys. (Actually, I do know a lot of 80s trivia. You need a Trivial Pursuit partner, and I can cover that category cold.)
  • I know which foods are healthy and which ones are not. I do not understand how or why this applies to me.
  • I could maaaaybe pass the U.S. Citizenship test. I can't name every president or state capital.
  • I can follow a baseball game. I am bumfuzzled by stats.
  • I know how to play Euchre. I do not know how to play bridge.
  • I think I can make a kickass playlist on my iPhone. I'm not sure if my family would say the same thing.
  • I can make a budget. I don't know that I can stick to one.
  • I know if attacked by a shark, I should poke it in the eyes. It's when the beast comes back for Round 2 that I'm screwed.
  • I can party on the dance floor. I can't actually dance.
  • I know that Michigan State has the best sports teams ever. I struggle to understand why not everyone else is in agreement.
  • I understand peanut butter is useful to get gum out of hair. I don't know how to get ink stains out of clothes.
  • I know to look at the pricing per ounce to get the best deal at the grocery store. I don't know why we really need both "Sell By" and "Use By" classifications.
  • I know not to use two spaces after a period. But I can't use CSS to save my life.
  • I get off-sides in BOTH hockey and soccer. I do not understand the concept of drawing offensive fouls in basketball.
  • I can add, subtract, multiply and divide. I can't do "new" math.
  • I know a few swear words in French. Strand me in the middle of the country, though, and I don't know I would make it back.
  • And I know that I can recommend a good book. But ask me to recommend a "classic?" Nada. Except for V.C. Andrews. Duh.

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