5 Chilling Books for Snow Days

5 Chilling Books for Snow Days

Everyone's got the hot reads—so I'll play the contrarian. Here are 5 great books for snow days—they fit the weather like Flick's tongue to a pole:

The Memory Keeper's Daughter (Kim Edwards): Twins born during a blizzard on a fateful winter's night. One is healthy, the other has Downs—and a decision is made that changes the lives of two families forever. I read this a while back, and while I can't recount specific details, I do remember it was beautifully written. Smart chick lit.

The Snow Child (Eowyn Ivey): Loved, loved, LOVED the tale of Jack and Mabel and their fantasy-like daughter Faina, set in 1920s Alaska. If not for the snow ... I love how the story talks about the strength of women, not just in the face of a harsh landscape (and it features prominently), but in the face of emotional adversity as well. If you liked "The Light Between Oceans," you will most likely really enjoy this book, too.

Deception Point (Dan Brown): Written prior to Da Vinci, the story of government operative Rachel Sexton in the Artic trying to uncover the secret behind mysteries frozen in the ice makes for a great winter thriller. And there's no Robert Langdon to bog down the pace with overly-wordy descriptions of the icebergs, which is totally what Robert would do.

The Long Winter (Laura Ingalls Wilder): A snow day comes with equal amounts of excitement and straight up whining from kids. Download this ditty on your Kindle and let the kids know there used to be such a thing as school when it snowed or was cold, and we all had to walk uphill 5 miles each way to get there. And WITHOUT Uggs and Hunters.

A Reliable Wife (Robert Goolrick): Cold weather, cold hearts ... great book. I personally took issue with the ending, but overall, a very intriguing tale of essentially a mail order bride in early 1900s Wisconsin. Who maybe is poisoning her husband. Don't get any ideas, no matter how bad the cabin fever gets!

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