Book Review: The Measures Between Us

Book Review: The Measures Between Us

Some books are loud, others not so much. The Measures Between Us is indeed, a quiet story—quiet, and stubborn.

Set just outside Boston, Ethan Hauser's debut novel is all about relationships in the midst of madness. For some, it's evident. Victor and Mary struggle with a decision to hospitalize their young adult daughter, Cynthia. Others? It's hidden beneath the surface—Henry Wheeler and his wife Lucinda seem to be young and in love and moving forward with a baby on the way. But for both husband and wife, the relationship is a struggle, and neither are talking to the either about it.

Hauser puts forth a insanely remarkable effort in detailing the emotions of his characters—so much so, it's easy to crawl into their brains. Victor's quiet desperation and ... you can read the entire review here.

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