Santa's Vacation Reading List

Santa's Vacation Reading List

Christmas is in the books. Done. Over.

Santa's somewhere on a beach, kicking back with a Mai Tai and a big 'ol stack of books. Dude's going to chill out. Here's what he's reading this year:



Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

It's Alex Cross, people. If anyone is going to save the day and it can't be him, then it's Alex. Or Jack Reacher.

Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook

Papa's gotta lose a few pounds. This cookbook is based on the wildly popular documentary, "Forks Over Knives."

Does This Make Me Look Fat?

For those days when you have to put on something besides a big red suit.

The 4-Hour Work Week

He is SO not doing that 24-hour, 7 days a week thing in December ever again.

eaarth: Making a Life on a Tough New Planet

Is the North Pole is going to turn into beachfront property? Maybe, maybe not ... in the face of global warming, he might have to take steps for an online delivery operation next year.

Oh yeah, and everything LitzyDitz suggests ....

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