'Send in the Feds'

screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-10-03-24-amPresident Trump took to Twitter last week announcing he will “send in the Feds” to help protect Chicago from the skyrocketing homicide rate. Many were confused by what President Trump was referring to when he said “Feds,” and some felt President Trump overstepped his reach.

I say bring in the “Feds” President Trump. Honestly, the more the merrier!

Welcome President Trump, Vice President Pence, President Trump’s cabinet members, executive staff, as well any and all “Feds.” I’ve got a pullout couch and an air mattress they are welcome to crash on when they arrive in town. Can anyone say GOP slumber party?

When these conservative darlings arrive in the windy city I would like to take them to visit a special place called Off The Street Club (OTSC). OTSC gives Chicago’s most vulnerable kiddos a place to play, express themselves through art, music, and theatre, use computers, and connect with mentors. Most importantly, it is a place for these kids to be safe. OTSC is located in West Garfield Park, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago. However, that shouldn’t deter our fearless leader.

I am not sure how much the OTSC kids would get out of having President Trump and his “Feds” there visiting, but here are some things that may be good takeaways for El Presidente et al:

Everyone Deserves To Feel Safe
These kids were dealt a shitty hand. They have to literally fight for their lives on a daily basis. Between November and December 2016, there were 50 reports of violent crimes, 73 reports of property crimes, and 73 reports of quality of life crimes (i.e. prostitution, drugs, etc.). That really sucks. Nobody should have to live in an unsafe neighborhood.

When you bring in “the Feds,” please have them sit down and listen to these kids. Find out what they are up against and how you can help. Declaring martial law and sending in the National Guard may not be the answer. What about helping their parents find jobs where they can earn a living wage? You could encourage companies who are contemplating moving to Mexico to move operations to West Garfield Park. What about providing more funding for schools, parks, after school programs, and free college or vocational school tuition? And…dare I say, consider implementing gun control.

There are many things you can do and no single right answer. However, I think if you take some time to listen to these kids and understand what they are up against, you and your “Feds” can come up with some great solutions.

Stop Tweeting And Listen
There is something called the Golden Rule. For you Christians out there, you’ve heard it expressed as “do unto others as you would have them do onto you” (Matt. 7:12). Kinda like Karma. Basically, if you are a douchebag people will be douchebags back.

Would you want to be told as a kid you cannot play outside because bad people are shooting at each other? Would you want to be told programs in your school like music, art, and theatre are being trashed because of spending cuts? Would you want to worry every day where your next meal is coming from?

“Feds” strike me as a group that don’t have to worry about those things. But if you did, wouldn’t you want someone, ANYONE out there to help you out?

Mr. President and GOP friends, please come to Chicago and learn a little more about what the communities that make up this AMAZING city need before you send in “the Feds.” My pullout couch and air mattress are waiting for you.

And if you are interested in learning more about Off The Street Club, or donating to this amazing program, please visit the OTSC web site.

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