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The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line®: The saving grace for every Thanksgiving chef

The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line®: The saving grace for every Thanksgiving chef
Have you ever thought to yourself, “Self, I sure do wish there was a 1-800 number I could call that’s staffed by experts and who could answer all my turkey cooking questions”? The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line® is the answer to your prayers. Since 1981, the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line®, open only in November and December, has... Read more »

Top 10 reasons why being in the audience for The Late Show with David Letterman rocked

Top 10 reasons why being in the audience for The Late Show with David Letterman rocked
In 1996, David Letterman left the comforts of the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York City and went on the road, hosting The Late Show from four cities in four weeks. Stops included Washington, D.C. on November 8, 1996 and Chicago on November 15th. His Washington, D.C. show took place just three days after the... Read more »

10 signs I may have hit Middle Age

<b>#1 Bifocals.</b> Although my eyes are healthy, I need bifocals. BIFOCALS. And if I'm going to wear my contacts, I can only wear one so that I can see distance out of one eye and close-up out of the other. <i>Image courtesy of Ponsulak,</i>
This afternoon I had the opportunity to have my annual eye exam. My eyes are healthy and all is mostly fine. I was motivated to schedule the appointment because my arms were no longer long enough to allow me to see close-up when wearing my glasses or contacts and because the DMV told me a... Read more »

Kickstarter potato salad campaign: Crazy or brilliant?

You’ve heard about that dude who created a Kickstarter potato salad campaign in hopes that he could raise $10. That’s right. When Zak Danger Brown start-up entrepreneur of Columbus, Ohio, hit that lofty goal, he said he’d make some potato salad. POTATO SALAD. The guy said he’s toss some boiled potatoes together in a tangy... Read more »

Let's Talk About Sex

How did you learn about sex? We all have a story and my completely unscientific discussions with friends tell me that learning about the facts of life (not those Facts of Life) is often embarrassing and riddled with euphemisms. I recently saw a story about Marjorie Holsten, described as a homeschooling expert by Tea Party... Read more »

Lies My Parents Told Me

Lies My Parents Told Me
Things have been kind of heavy here at Little Merry Sunshine recently, so I’m going to lighten the mood a little for the next few days. Over at The Tot Wrangler, a wonderful ChicagoNow blog that you should be reading, there’s been a very lively discussion about lies parents tell their children. Read Part 1... Read more »

What's Your Theme Song?

Yesterday, the intrepid ChicagoNow leader, Jimmy Greenfield, posted a question to all the bloggers that I thought was delightful and made me wonder why I’d never thought of it before, given how much I like music and how many times I’ve written about music on Little Merry Sunshine. The question was “What’s your blog’s theme... Read more »

When is an Olympics Gold Medal not an Olympics Gold Medal?

When is an Olympics Gold Medal not an Olympics Gold Medal?
As we near the end of the Winter Olympics, I’m reminded of one of my favorite stories about my brother Dave. Yes, Dave of the Herpes story fame. No, Dave doesn’t have Herpes. Read the story. Dave is a little more than three years younger than me and probably a million times smarter than me,... Read more »

WHAT Did You Say? Or My Life Is A Series of Miscommunications

I’m not exactly sure what it is about conversations with my friends and family, but we seem to have quite the history of misunderstanding each other. This goes back at least 31 years to the night my brother asked my dad if he could have herpes as his dessert. Just the other day my coworker... Read more »
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