Washington DC: I'll always call it home

In the Spring of 1993, when most of my friends were headed to sandy beaches during Spring Break of our senior year of college, I hopped on a plane and jetted off to Washington DC where I hoped to land a job. I knew no one, had no connections or "ins," and this was before the internet. Fortunately, I landed an internship at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which to this day remains the best job I've ever had. I did good work that changed lives.

That three month internship led to my first real job as a legal assistant at Hogan & Hartson LLC (now Hogan Lovells LLC). Being a legal assistant may sound boring, but I loved many aspects of it. I worked for an incredible group of litigators and spent a good amount of time in court. They gave me opportunities beyond my years because they believed in me and I never failed to rise to the challenge.

At Hogan, I made incredible friends. Kelly, Kalee, Kristin, Karen, Rose, Brooke, Kevin, Sarah, Sarah, Debbie, Alicia, Rick, Brad, and Jackie. Just to name a few. We worked hard, but our antics were the things of legends. Many of them, I can't recount here. I also dated some interesting men. The most interesting was the guy I quickly learned was the grandson of Paul Tibbets, the pilot of the Enola Gay. He talked about it all the time. It was honestly a little much.

I was involved in politics, played intramural flag football, hosted many friends and family members, attended church and Christmas Eve services at Washington National Cathedral, attended a memorial service in honor of the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery, sat in the Senate Gallery during a very tense night of discussions on the budget debate, cite checked briefs for the Supreme Court for John Roberts (he worked for Hogan at the time I did), toured the White House multiple times including once in the West Wing, and generally had the time of my life. Yes, D.C. was a wonderful place to spend my 20s.

I moved back from Washington DC on May 1, 2000, a little over 14 years ago. Although I've found my place in Chicago, not a week goes by that I don't think about those seven years and wonder "what might my life be like if I hadn't left?"

Don't misunderstand me, I love being closer to my family. My mom is less than 40 minutes away; aunts, uncles, and cousins are mostly within a small radius of a few hours; Dave is six hours away; and my dad is three hours away. I get to see them all on a regular basis, a perk that didn't exist when I was in D.C., and because I live on the North Shore, I am often reminded that these are the roads and villages where my Gardner relatives have lived for a century and I feel their presence.

Washington DC just felt like home to me from the moment I first stepped off the airplane in 1993. And I'll always miss it.

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