The LMS #31RAOK Big Giveaway!

The LMS #31RAOK Big Giveaway!

After days of promising the LMS first ever #31RAOK Big Giveaway, I hope you can feel the excitement in the air and buzz as rumors float wildly around about what I'm giving away to one lucky reader.

Is it an all expenses paid vacation? No. Sorry.

Is it a car? Again, I'm really sorry, but I'm not Oprah. Yet.

Is it dinner with me? While that would be the best giveaway ever, that has to wait for another day.

So what am I giving away for today's Random Act of Kindness?

Little Merry Sunshine is giving away 2 tickets to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum & Library in Springfield, Illinois!

The tickets have a $24 value and have no expiration date.

At the ALPML, you can learn about President Lincoln's presidency, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Gettysburg Address, how he saved the Union, his life as an attorney, growing up in a one-room log cabin (you thought your first efficiency apartment was small). You'll meet President and Mrs. Lincoln, walk through the Lincoln White House and witness his cabinet debate the Emancipation Proclamation, and experience life in the early 1800s. You'll also meet "Albert Cashier," a Union solider from Illinois who was actually Jennie Hodgers, a woman. You can also head over to the library and do some research on your family genealogy. The museum takes advantage of all of today's technology to make the experience truly interactive and as real as possible. My favorite part was the Meet the Press with Tim Russert (!) 1860 campaign special.

I visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum & Library a few weeks ago for the first time and didn't want to leave. Of course, like every kid growing up in Illinois, I'd studied President Lincoln and I'd been to Springfield as a kid. When I lived in Washington, D.C. I visited Ford's Theatre and the Petersen House across the street. On top of all that, I'm a history nut and love to read and study history. None of it prepared me for what I experienced at the Museum. I simply cannot recommend a trip to the museum and library highly enough.

So how do you get entered in the LMS #31RAOK Big Giveaway? It's super easy.

  1. Comment on this post using your real name (not your Facebook fan page name, if you're a blogger) by 5pm Friday, December 6th (CT).

From all the comments, I'll draw a winner over the weekend and announce the winner here and on the Little Merry Sunshine Facebook Page (you're a fan, right?). The winner will need to then email me their snail mail address and I'll drop the tickets in the mail.

Easy peasy, right?

You know there's some small type coming with the disclaimers, so here they are:

Comment as many times as you'd like, but you'll only be entered in the drawing one time. Family members (immediate or otherwise) of me are not eligible to win (sorry Mom). LMS takes no responsibility for what happens once the USPS gets their hands on the tickets and also takes no responsibility if you lose the tickets. LMS will not cover any travel costs to Springfield, nor can we guarantee well behaved children. There is no cost to enter this contest, nor can I be bribed to give you the tickets. Your odds of winning are dependent upon how many unique people comment. The way that will be calculated is 1/X, where X is equal to the number of unique commenters to this post.

Questions? Post a comment and I'll reply.

And don't forget, you can't win, if you don't play.

If the #31RAOK Big Giveaway is a hit, I may be inspired to do this again in the future.

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