25 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Puxsatawney Phil said only six more weeks of winter but I know he's an unreliable meteorologist. Either that, or his definition of spring is pretty broad. Either way, we're in for winter coats, hats, and boots for at least three more months. I like to make my practical, layered look a little more interesting with an adorable scarf.

Even when I'm indoors, I'm always wearing layers every I go. If the heat's not on, I'm chilly. If the heat is blasting, I'm roasting for about five minutes and then I'm chilly.

So I wear scarves. For some reason, my neck always gets cold, probably because my hair is so short. I love this video showing 25 different ways to tie a jaunty scarf in only 4.5 minutes!

p.s. I know I should be writing about the Super Bowl what with it being Super Bowl Sunday and all that. But I am not a sports fan and I don't even know who's playing. I think I read that everyone favors the 49-ers so I guess they're playing. Which means if I were a betting lady, I would bet on the whoever the other team is. I love an underdog and I love a big payoff.

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