Ten Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers

Does it really need a preamble? Ten awesome gift ideas for the teachers in your life. What better time to show your appreciation to those hard-working teachers that spend nearly all of their working hours with your children? I sincerely like children -- even other people's children. But I could never be a teacher. My girls' teachers deserve so much more than a token gift at the holidays. But until I win the lottery or become Empress of the Known Universe and can change policy so that teachers earn what they deserve, a holiday gift will have to suffice.

I'm not great with the creative ideas myself, nor am I a teacher. So I put up a poll on my Facebook page to get some ideas for gifts from actual teachers. I know for sure that most teachers do not want yet another apple-shaped Christmas tree ornament, apple-shaped coffee cup, apple-themed earrings, or apple-themed t-shirts. Same goes for apple-themed aprons, hats, scarves, and water bottles.

But what to buy instead?

According to my poll, teachers want Scotch. I only got one response though, so the results might be slightly skewed.

In the absence of actual teacher input, I went the Magical Land of Crafty Ideas otherwise known as Pinterest. Here's the ten best ideas I found.

Roll the Gallery please!

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