A Gift for Dad: A Guide for the Clueless

Look, you have to buy a gift for a dad. You have to. It's the holidays -- the season of obligatory gift-giving. He's going to (hopefully) show up on Christmas Day with something sparkly and gorgeous for you. (It's Christmas Day that we celebrate around here -- insert your holiday of choice if you don't celebrate Christmas). He works hard and puts with an awful lot of "not tonight dear." Shouldn't dear old dad get something to blow his hair back for Christmas? In a word: Yes.

My guy is notoriously hard to shop for. First of all, he's quite low-maintenance. He doesn't have any huge or complicated needs. He doesn't have any expensive or time-consuming hobbies that take his time away from his family. He likes to read political news, grouse about baby boomers, and fantasy-shop for high-end BMW motorcycles. He also enjoys old-school coin-op type 80's video games. All of which he already owns.

This means I usually get him a few nice shirts for work and a case of DAB for Christmas. Even though I'm still clueless about what to get my man for the holiday, doesn't mean you have to be. Here's a few ideas from my pals on the message board at Neighborhood Parents Network. I can't take credit for these ideas. Most of them I'd never heard of. But I am always open to hearing about new things so here we go:

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