Baby Names of 2012: So Last Week

Baby Names of 2012: So Last Week

Goodbye baby names of 2012. Forward thinking parents are already looking for the hot baby names of 2013. No one wants those old, used-up names from 2012 like Jacob, Sophia, Mason, Emma, Jayden, Brayden or Kayden. You've got to think out of the box at least a little bit when naming your children unless you want to consign them to using a last initial for their entire school career. Take it from me, I not only picked bizarre, foreign-sounding names for my girls with too many vowels, I also saddled them a hyphenated last name! I believe in giving kids something to hate you for so they won't end up living with you in your basement until they're 40.

The Huffington Post recently made some predictions about the Top Trends in Baby Names for 2013. Here is their take on hot names for 2013 and a few suggestions of my own. You're welcome.

Nameberry Trend:Roman gods/Hunger Games

HuffPo Suggestions: Atticus, Perspehone, Juno

My Suggestions: Why stop there? I say go full on Roman pantheon. And make full use of the Hunger Games element! How about Coriolanus for a boy? I can guarantee your son will be the only Jupiter in the class. But what a regal name! How about Vulcan, Vesta or Flora? I was already a fan of the name Rue.


Nameberry Trend: SuperStorm Sandy

HuffPo Suggestions: Sandy (duh), Sandra, or names having to do with the beach like Storm or Dune

My suggestions: How about Strand? Can be a boy or a girl.


Nameberry Name Trend: Leonine names already big in Europe

HuffPo Suggestion: Leo, Leona, Leon, Leopold

My Suggestions: Pride?


Nameberry Name Trend: A word for the middle name that isn't even a name!

HuffPo Suggestions: Seven, Saint or Sweetheart

My Suggestions: Dude, you should totally go with a word that isn't even a word! Or better yet how about something that isn't even a word like a symbol or an imaginary number? Now that's uber-cool.


Nameberry Name Trend: Meaningful Place Names

HuffPo Suggestions: Tennessee, India, Brooklyn

My Suggestions: When my older child was conceived after my brother's wedding in Charleston, he tactfully suggested that I call her Carolina. I replied how about Sumter or Sullivan? No, scratch that. No one wants to know where your child was conceived. Once your child gets to the age to understand what "conceived" means they do not even want to think about it. However, if you must choose a meaningful place name I would suggest something poetic like Dallas or Kauai. If you want a Chicago name how about Rockwell or Grant? For a girl, there's always Paulina!


Nameberry Name Trend: Mad Men Inspired Mid-Century Nicknames

HuffPo Suggestions: Hank, Fay, Mollie

My Suggestions: I am ready for Dick and Don to make a comeback! When was the last time you met a girl named Peg or Debby or Judy?


Nameberry Name Trend: Scandinavian Ethnic

HuffPo Suggestions: Steig, Soren, Freya

My Suggestions: Gotta go with Pippi for a girl. How about just getting minimalist and naming the child Sweden or Norway. You could get even really ethnic and go with Svierge or Norge.


Nameberry Name Trend: Wildflowers (also see Hunger Games: above)

HuffPo Suggestions: Clover, Primrose, and Poppy

My Suggestions:  Tansy, Bluebell, and here's one from my genealogy Hopson (from Hops -- get it?!)


Newsflash! I just found out that my nephew is going to be the proud poppa of twins next summer so these names are going to come in mighty handy!



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