We're Urban Dwellers. We Take the Bus. Sometimes We Bring Children.

I posted this on my Facebook page not long ago:

Oh #36 bus you are a slice of life

The comments I received were so touching and funny that I just had to share them here. Do you have any good CTA stories to share, with or without kids?

Here's mine: I can't remember where we were going but I had 4-year-old Aislin sleeping in the stroller and <1-year-old Eilie strapped to my person in an Ergo carrier. The first bus that came refused to let me on with the stroller. And I'm not talking rush hour here. I am actually very considerate about avoiding the bus at rush hour if I have a stroller. The bus wasn't empty but it certainly wasn't full. The second bus stopped but wouldn't put down the ramp for the stroller. I couldn't lift the stroller with Aislin in it and I sure wasn't going to wake her up to fold up the stroller. So I just walked the mile and half I needed to go.

Alice: I remember it fondly. Most especially the Valentine's Day ride I took not so quietly crying my eyes out because my crush did not crush on me back.

Stella: Loved that bus. My favorite ride was the one in which the driver quit her job on the spot, stopped the bus, announced she'd had it, left the keys in the ignition, and left a long bus of awed commuters sitting there doing nothing. Epic.

Margaret: Once I had the bus driver yell at me for being on my phone. I get it. That's annoying. Then the bus broke down and I was the only passenger and I had to help him call for help. SWA-EEEET.

Danielle: I think it was the 36, but it might have been the 22, that I saw Jesus on one Halloween. But, it was unclear whether it was a costume as he was playing the role on the bus. (If he's a regular on either, feel free to let me know and clear up this several-year old confusion.)


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