Buy School Supplies and Help a Local Student

Buy School Supplies and Help a Local Student

I am trying NOT to mention BACK TO SCHOOL on this blog. NOT YET PLEASE NOT YET. I actually enjoy summer with my offspring, especially when the older one is at camp and I don't have to listen to the bickering. I am determined to squeeze every drop of enjoyment possible out of our summer holiday.

That being said, I will post ONE back-to-school item because it's for a great cause and I'm sure parents more organized than I are already purchasing school supplies.

When you get that giant list of school supplies for your precious snowflake, take a moment to think about the OTHER precious snowflakes here in Chicago whose parents cannot afford the three-figure number school supplies will run you these days. I have three different avenues for school supply donations and you're at Target and Staples spending a fortune anyway, so why not pick up a few extra items? An astonishing 87% of our Chicago Public School student come from low-income households. That's a lot of students who need scissors, glue, compasses, graph paper and backpacks.



Here's an article in the Huffington Post discussing the Groupon/CPS partnership. A mere $11 can provide a year's worth of school supplies for one child. A few dollars more and you can include a backpack. The deal is good until August 7th.

Click here to go to the Groupon site.


OPTION #2: Care for Real

Care for Real is a social service agency in my home neighborhood of Edgewater that provides a wide range of goods and services for the community. Every year, they partner with the office of Alderman Harry Osterman, Senator Heather Steans, and State Rep. Kelly Cassidy to gear up local kids for schools. I volunteered one year at school supply distribution day and was FLOORED by the staggering volume of supplies and backpacks that went out the door. These people really do important, needed work.

Click here for a list of supplies and the address of Care for Real.


OPTION #3: Check with your Alderman.

I know several other Alderman collect school supplies for kids in their wards. Check with your Alderman to see if he or she is collecting supplies. If not, you might suggest that your ward get started.



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