Summer Vacation Day Two: Concert at Little Beans

Summer Vacation Day Two: Concert at Little Beans

Friday was the second day of summer vacation. Since Thursday was such an action packed day, we decided to lie low on Friday. I am really making an effort to curtail TV watching this summer. It's not a regular part of our lives during the school year, but Aislin (my 6-year-old) can turn it on by herself when she gets up in the morning. I don't mind if she watches some cartoons but I get busy making breakfast, folding laundry, and answering emails. Before I know it, three hours has passed and she's still flopped out on the couch with her eyes glazed over.

I made the unpopular executive decision to turn off the TV, computer and Kindle for the remainder of the day, forcing the girls to draw, play, or read. The result was a giant mess of paper, dress up costumes, and (for some reason) post-it notes scattered through the house. That's the trade-off I suppose for my insistence on a screen-free day!

The one thing we did have planned was a Laura Doherty concert at Little Beans Cafe.

If you've never been to Little Beans Cafe, you are in for a treat. It is an indoor playspace and cafe, with an outdoor deck are and old-timey style ice cream shop. They do all kinds of cool classes and events at Little Beans like yoga, preschool disco parties, and manicures for moms. Friday night was a special deal -- $8 per person for the concert, pizza, and ice cream plus you could come up to an hour early to play in the indoor space before the concert started.

The creators of Little Beans sunk some serious money into this enterprise and did it up right. The playspace includes a child sized fire station, auto shop, grocery store, and playhouse. There are also ride-on toys, costumes, books, and push toys. The space is sparking clean and they obviously work hard to keep everything functioning.

The evening concerts are very popular and they do tend to sell out. I suggest that you follow Little Beans on Facebook so that you can find out when they're coming up and get tickets early.

Little Beans is located near Webster & Elston Avenue. There is limited parking and some street spaces nearby. Even though there is a large, enticing empty lot right next to the cafe, DO NOT PARK IN IT. The neighbors are pretty aggressive about having you towed.

Once again, the girls had a blast.

Although honestly, for Aislin, any time she gets ice cream is a blast for her.

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